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Voice Server

The Mumble server has been decommissioned. We switched to Discord!

We have a voice server available for everyone to use! Much like the game servers themselves and the chatroom, the voice server is available 24/7. We use Mumble, as it provides a good voice quality on most connections and is reliable.

Quick Mumble information:, port 64738

Here's how to connect:

  1. Get the latest version of Mumble and install it.

  2. Run the software, selecting the standard version (not the backwards compatible 1.1 edition!).

  3. Go through the steps to setup your microphone properly.

  4. Open the servers list and click the "Add new..." button.

  5. Fill in this information:

    • Label: Enter whatever name you like as a reference

    • Address:

    • Port: 64738

    • Username: your Minecraft username

  6. You might get a notice about a certificate error. Click "Yes" to accept it and continue.

  7. That's it! Say hello!

Discussion on topics unrelated to Minecraft is allowed, but please keep in mind that priority goes to the players looking to talk between themselves about ongoing server events.