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15 August 23:59
Medieval castle town building contest - Last day!

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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the survival servers.

2020-08-09 at 20:30
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2020-08-09 at 20:30
Wise Old Man
Gain 5000 experience points in your lifetime
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Collect 10 of each sapling type
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Loose Belt
Drop your iron pants... twice
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Find an elytra
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Daytime Player
Be online for at least 24 hours
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Night Time Player
Be online for at least 96 hours
2020-08-09 at 19:30
All Time Player
Be online for at least 10 days
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Place 1000 wheat seeds
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Moon Cheese
Collect End Stone
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Sweet Revenge
Kill 100 creepers
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Stupid Squids
Kill 20 squids
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Kill 50 zombies
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Raccoon City
Kill 200 zombies
2020-08-09 at 19:30
Dirty Pig
Kill 50 zombified piglins
2020-08-09 at 17:00
Fragile Strength
Collect a stack of obsidian
2020-08-09 at 4:30
Killing Spree
Kill 25 players in PvP
2020-08-09 at 4:00
Kill 5 players in PvP
2020-08-09 at 3:30
First Blood
Kill another player in PvP
2020-08-08 at 23:30
Crimson Power
Place 2 stacks of redstone wire
2020-08-08 at 19:30
Turning You On
Place 5 stacks of redstone wire
2020-08-08 at 8:30
Travel through a portal 500 times
2020-08-07 at 16:30
Kill 50 zombies
2020-08-06 at 20:00
Taking Aim
Fire 128 arrows using a bow
2020-08-06 at 16:00
Badger Badger Badger
Plant in dirt 10 red mushrooms

Getting started!

Welcome to the Creeper's Lab! We're running a group of Minecraft servers with the following goals:

  • Near-vanilla survival gameplay
  • Long-lasting worlds with no resets
  • No griefing or raiding
  • Friendly community
  • Active staff
  • Custom achievements
  • ... and more!

Server address

To join the server, put this address in your Minecraft client.

We now support Java Edition and Bedrock Edition and we're on version 1.16.1.


The survival world of Cimmeria and the minigames can be joined at any time by anyone.

To play in the other worlds, you'll need to register. It's a quick, automated process that you can complete in a minute!

  1. Visit the forums and open the Account > Register page.
  2. Enter a forum username (anything you wish), a password (NOT your Minecraft one), and an email address to confirm your account.
  3. Scroll down and enter your Minecraft player name and/or your Xbox Live Gamertag in the matching fields.
  4. Save. You'll get an email with a link to confirm your account. Once that's done, you're whitelisted!

Visual reference

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The next steps

Our Seven Wonders

Our players have made these builds and more!

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