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Resource Pack

We have a dedicated resource pack, available in a few different editions! Read on for the details on each one, all written by pack creator/maintainer Sphenicus.

When you first join the server, it will automatically offer to install and use the standard edition of the pack. Don't forget to look at the list of possible add-ons, shown after the main packs!

Manual installation

Java Edition: To install any of these, on Windows, copy the downloaded file to %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ . Then, launch your game and select the "Creeper's Lab" pack within your options screen. Make sure it is located at the top of the list to override any other packs you might have installed.

Bedrock Edition: For Windows 10 Edition, download the main pack and double-click it to trigger the install. On mobile, you will need to look up the details for your platform.

Greetings from the crazy guy that lives alone in that abandoned really far away place! You know, the one with Cthulhu. Today I bring something magical! A pack of the resource variety! Yes that's right, a Creeper's Lab resource pack! Now don't get too excited, I didn't change EVERYTHING. Still got vanilla textures cuz you can't go wrong with them. What IS changed is as follows:


Yes all the paintings have been changed. Some show the lovely faces of your benevolent overlords, while others show lovely tourist locations around the server. And others... well you'll just have to see for yourself.

Music discs!

The sounds of C418 have been removed and replaced with a wide variety of music. This includes both ambient background music as well as the set of records. The music varies from version to version. A themed pack will have music pertaining to that theme.


A small selection of the default sounds have been improved upon for a more unique experience. Continue playing as usual and see what surprises are in store! More to come, don't you worry!

Pumpkin blur!

Do you like pumpkins? Do you like wearing them on your head? Do you hate the extreme loss of vision accompanied by wearing them on your head? Well worry not, simpletons! The old horrible blur is gone completely, replaced with my own! This new blur only shows around the edge of your screen and is still partially transparent itself, giving you almost completely unobstructed vision while working underwater or just looking like an escaped mental patient!

The Mystical Spud Thud!

You'll need a stronger umbrella.

Founder and President of the Shiny Hats Club
Chairman of the Board of the Time-Space-Travel Committee

Full pack

The regular edition of the resource pack, suitable for everyday play! This is what you'll want to use most of the time.

What this changes
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This pack contains the standard Creeper's Lab paintings.


This pack contains the standard Creeper's Lab music and records.


This pack contains the standard Creeper's Lab sounds.

The Mystical Spud Thud!

This pack contains the standard Creeper's Lab surprise.

Download: Java (53 MB) Bedrock (54 MB)

Last updated: 28 December 2021


Install any or all of these to complement the main resource pack! Set their priority higher than the main pack to make sure you see their content.

→ Notato add-on - lighter rain

Download: Java (92 kB) Bedrock (95 kB)

→ Christmas pack - seasonal music and paintings

Download: Java (39 MB) Bedrock (39 MB)

→ Classic Rock pack - music replacement

Download: Java (27 MB) Bedrock (27 MB)

→ CreeperKart - a must if you're playing the racing minigame!

Download: Java (5 MB) Bedrock (5 MB)


Q: I like the stuff you changed but I want to use [insert pack name here] textures!
A: Not a problem! Thanks to 1.7 you can now easily have the textures you love with the stupid I force upon you! Simply add both packs to the list of active packs on the Resource Pack screen and make sure that the Creeper's Lab pack is ABOVE your texture pack of choice!

Q: Hey I have an idea for a(n) addition/change to the pack.
A: Fantastic! I'm always looking for more ideas. Grab my attention if you see me online. The pack is stupposed to fit the server and its community so I'll take any music, sound, etc. ideas you have that might help achieve that.

Q: You just said that the pack was supposd to fit the server and its community. How the heck does [insert song/image here] do that?
A: It might not. I'll explain anything that doesn't make sense to you. If it's just a random addition then feel free to suggest something else.

Q: Hey why not use [insert theme here] as a theme for a pack?
A: Sounds great! Catch me online and tell me what you got. I don't mind putting together additional packs as long as you help me with it.

Q: That crazy surprise thing you were talking about is really annoying and slows down my game.
A: Try the "Notato" edition of that pack. It features the vanilla minecraft rain but quieter and with less drops so it's easier to see.

Q: I don't get your whole add-on thing. Explain yourself!
A: I mean I already did on that news post, but sure. The add-on allows people to enjoy the Creeper's Lab pack features they like while replacing other features they don't. It also allows me to put more options for things like music or paintings without having to put together a complete pack for it and without you having to download those extra files you already have. It helps us all out.

Q: The glorious add-ons and alternate packs you provided aren't working! WHAT DO?
A: All together now, "THANKS MOJANG!" This is more than likely because you have done the sensible thing and opted to automatically download the recommended pack for the server! Not your fault, it's a smart thing to do. The problem is that Mojang so cleverly coded it so that when this is enabled it will override any other pack you download and select manually. FORTUNATELY it is easy to fix. Simply go to your multiplayer server list, select the Creeper's Lab and click "edit" at the bottom. Set the "Server Resource Packs" option to disabled. Now, annoyingly, you'll have to re-download the Creeper's Lab pack yourself from the website (just look on this page) and activate it on the resource pack menu. Now that you have THAT out of the way, just make sure the extra packs and add-ons you want are active and listed ABOVE the standard CLab pack, and everything should be hunky-dory. Right as rain. A-okay. Fine and dandy. Peachy keen. Up to snuff. On the Ball. In the swim. Kosher. Cooking with gas. You get the idea.

Q: Your pack sucks and so do you.
A: I love you too.

Q: Your add-ons are dumber than your normal pack.
A: I still love you.