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Creeper's Lab Companion

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The Creeper's Lab Companion is our utility app, full of useful information and conveniences. As its name suggests, once installed (or accessed online), the Companion's goal is to assist you in finding the information you need. That way, you don't need to browse the full website and interrupt your play!

The Companion currently lets you do the following:

  • View the maps easily
  • Browse through the news
  • Run searches on players, news, wiki, forums
  • View the list of online players
  • Login to your account
  • And more!

You can get it now from Google Play or the Microsoft Store, or directly access the online version. More features will be added over time, so keep an eye out for future developments!

Get it on Google Play Get it from Microsoft Use It Online

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On Android and Windows, you can use the links above to access the official installation pages.

Alternatively, you can access the web version and use the "Install app" option that will appear in the left navigation menu. The option might only appear after you have used the app for a short while.

Installation is unfortunately not supported by Firefox.

iOS users, a direct download link isn't an option at this time. Instead, do the following:

  1. Open the online version in Safari.
  2. Click the Share button.
  3. Select "Add to Home Screen".
  4. That's it! You'll get an icon that lets it open like any other of your apps.

Enabling notifications

After installation, you can choose to enable notifications to get a ping whenever news get posted. Open the installed app, then choose the "Enable notifications" option in the navigation menu.

The option might not be offered if you have an ad blocker installed. Disable it for the page, then reload to see the option. The Companion does not contain any ads.

iOS users, you must have added the Companion to your home screen (see above on installation) and be using iOS 16.4 or above. Then, the bell will appear to enable notifications. Previous iOS versions don't support this.