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Launched 4,405 days ago
12+ years of uptime!
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3,881 registered
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Various player ranks are found in-game. Here is the full list, along with their display color and what they mean.

Visitors are people that have yet to register. They can access the minigames, Cimmeria to play, or look around Laurasia. Players are registered and have a near complete access to everything. Those who have been around for long enough and have proven themselves to play nice will be granted the Trusted status, which gives access to fire, lava and TNT. The title of Aide marks those not directly involved in staff decisions, but still helping behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly for everyone. This rank indicates those who do miscellaneous tasks such as managing social media accounts, record videos, or maintain the community resource pack. As their name indicates, Helpers are here to help the player base, field questions and get people unstuck if a server issue causes trouble. Ops do the heavy-lifting of management on the servers. Protections, promotions to trusted, anti-griefing checks and other tasks belong to them. The Admin rank belongs to the server owner and founder, Doctacosa.

Some will have additional marks next to their titles.

The yellow star indicates those that have contributed money to the servers. The orange star marks active Patreon backers.