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The players aren't limited to chatting in-game: both Discord and IRC are linked to our game servers! This means that you can stay in touch with the community without having to be in-game!

Please keep in mind a few basic rules: don't spam, don't impersonate someone else, don't fight with others, and keep the discussion clean for everyone. Thank you!


Our main chat platform is Discord. Join us today!

Besides the channel linking to the in-game chat, we also have several other topics available, from gaming to other things available on Interordi.


Those who have an IRC client can connect to on ports 6666-6669 and 7000, in the channel #interordi-mc. Alternatively, use the option offered below.

Some IRC users tend to be almost always connected, but aren't active ("idlers"). Don't let this turn you off, other people who want to chat can join at any time!

You can register your nickname using the command /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL. Once you've done that, everytime you come back, you'll have to login using /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD. The web client below allows you to enter your password directly instead of using that command. Note that, if you don't log in at least once every 28 days, your username will be deleted.

Web chat

This web-based IRC client allows you to communicate with Discord users and in-game players. This should work behind any type of firewall or limited Internet connections.

Be sure to enter #interordi-mc as the channel to join!