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Don't feel like building or digging today? Our server has plenty of attractions that you can visit to enjoy yourself! All of these are opened at any time, although many choose to visit them during Events Nights (most Saturday nights) thanks to the network of teleporters that goes online for a few hours.

TARDIS and timegate preview

The numbers shown below explain how many players each attraction was designed for. If it's (1), it marks a single-player attraction that many people can visit all at once. Click on any name to view a picture of the location!


Cha0s' Second Maze (1)
Garden Maze (1)
Unforgiveable Labyrinth (1+)


Parkour arena (1)

PvP & battles

ADeadlyFishTank (2+)
Death Labyrinth (2+)
Den of the Dead (2+)
Horseman's Hollow(2+)
Mausoleum of Theodoric (2+)
Nether PvP Arena (2+)
Phandrana Drifts (2+)
Ocean District PVP Arena (2+)
Sky Arena (2+)
Sea Dome(2+)
Spider Dome (1+)
The Abyssal Depths (2+)
Valley of the Lost Wanderers (2+)
Wardhaven Jousting Arena (2+)
Wildwood Arena (2+)
Wither Lounge (2+)
Xray's Death Ring Game (2+)


Camirus (1+)
Halls of Nyx (1+)
Hunter's Lodge (1+)
Pandora (1+)
Requiem (1+)
The Lost Woods (1+)
The Overlook Hotel (1+)

Townshend Boardwalk

Archery Range (1+)
Battleship (2)
Connect 4 (2)
Fishing Pier (1+)
Jousting Arena (2+)
Love Train Stadium (spleef) (2+)
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots (2)
Uncle Clowney's Fun Ride (1)


4x4 chess (4)
4x5 chess (5)
Black Death PvP Arena (2+)
Regular chess (2)


Bowser's Castle (2+)
Donut Plains (2+)
Lime Loop (2+)


Avoid the Rainbow (1)
Hall of Mirrors (1)
Haunted House (1)
Jumping Board (1)


Arbiter's Grounds Mob Prison
Exodio's dragon
Halloween Town
Ice Castles
Ivory Tower
Oak Hills (1+)
The Forest of Tranquility
Tower of the Gods and Spire of the Fallen

Assorted Attractions

Carnival Island
Chicking (2-4)
Monopoly (3+)
Nether Coaster (1)