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Merit Points

Points, points, who wants to earn points!?

Merit Points can be earned in various ways (voting, contests and more, see below), and then redeemed for various in-game perks or kept for later to potentially earn prizes. You can type /points at any time in-game to view your currently available reserve and the available perks. Alternatively, you can check your profile on the forums.

How to use points

Points that have been earned can be cashed-in during gameplay for various bonuses.

Get the ability to fly.
Duration: 15 minutes
Keep your current inventory and levels if you die. Unused on Events Nights.
Single use.
Be invisible. Great for outdoors builders in unprotected areas, as monsters won't attack unless very close.
Duration: 30 minutes
Sends you instantly to the End of Time so you can exit at any location.
Single use.
Clear the rain for a while.
Duration: 15 minutes minimum
Double the XP that mobs drop within 50 blocks of you.
Duration: 30 minutes

All of these are available 24/7 at the cost of 2 Merit Points, except the End of Time access which is worth 4. During Events Night, these prices get slashed by half!

An indicator bar will appear at the top of the screen to show the remaining time. Please note that the clock still runs down if you're online or not. For example, if you start a XP boost command at 10:10, that means it'll expire at 10:40 no matter what. Your status will be restored if you reconnect, and it sticks across servers if you move around. You can also enter a command again at any time to extend a perk for the given amount of time, at the price of using up more points.

You can gain a Merit Voucher which can be exchanged for many things. Visit the fifth floor of Moosemart, at the Creeper Citadel, to get them and view the full range of trades. This includes replicas of past event items, shortcut items for those exploring the science areas, cosmetic costumes of science mobs, heads of previous staff members, and even some exclusive items! You can also head directly to the Hunter's Lodge to access any of the existing raid bosses.
Cost: 10 points

How to earn points

There are multiple opportunities to earn points.

First and easiest, vote for the Creeper's Lab! Voting for us on various servers lists bumps up our ranking, making us more visible and attracting new players. You can do so every day; in exchange, you can earn a point! Since you can vote every day, that's up to 31 points you can earn in a given month! Get the voting links in-game by typing /vote, or from the help page. Voting helps us, so please do it as often as possible! Every month, a different challenge is accessible from the lobby. Different challenges come with different targets and rewards. UHC happens most often, with these fixed targets:
  • Crafting a bookshelf
  • Crafting an enchantment table
  • Accessing the Nether
  • Picking up a blaze rod
Each target is worth 5 points. They might not all be possible in a month, but they often are. Find out the best way to get to your objectives!
If something else than UHC is on the menu for the monthly challenge, check the news on the website for the details. We run building contests once in a while! Coming on top of the results often allows you to score a lot of points, while more for participation are sometimes offered. Keep an eye out for opportunities!

You can view the current leaderboard on points on the forums.