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Welcome to the Creeper's Lab! We have multiple Minecraft servers and an active community, mostly focused on playing Survival mode. We now support both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition! We also have special games, events and contests. If you're not already playing with us, don't hesitate to join. Newcomers welcome!

You don't need to register to quickly join and look around our main survival server, but you will need to in order to play. Register today!

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21 March 2024 at 21:40
Events: St. Patrick's Day and Easter
From Doctacosa

Lost to many in the update shuffle was St. Patrick's Day last Sunday. Did you hunt down the Leprechauns? No? Don't worry, you've got another chance!

The event will be rerun this weekend, during Events Night. Make your way to the Hunter's Lodge, find the hideout of the leprechauns and clean the place! You can trade the various drops back at the safehouse.

Another special will take place at the end of the month, for Easter! Zombie Jesus will rise from the dead, on the 31st only.

Please note that the raid bosses at the Hunter's Lodge are still unavailable as maintenance is ongoing to the science areas. The trading hall and regular mobs are there as usual. Maintenance at the Hunter's Lodge has finished early, and everything is back in working order, including the raid bosses!

25 February 2024 at 17:44
Time to get your supplies out of Seasonal!
From Doctacosa

The main phase of the Chinese New Year event has concluded, with the festival goers heading back home. It's now time for you to collect your valuables out of storage (you did this, right?) and bring them back into the survival servers.

You can still make purchases with the yen you've already gathered, along with upgrading your equipment. Do you still have leftovers from last year? Time to dust them off, they're also valid! This will close at the end of the month. Thanks for participating!

21 February 2024 at 19:46
PSA: Interordi, not forum accounts!
From Doctacosa

This public service announcement is targeted at our long-time community members: when helping out new players with getting whitelisted, remember that they're creating an Interordi Account, not a forum one! In fact, the forums will now redirect you to the accounts page to add the Minecraft IDs.

Interordi Accounts were introduced over two years ago and are now the main entry point for newcomers. The clean, simple interface is easier to navigate and lets people do what they want right away instead of having to understand how the forums are structured.

Read on for the details
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The month of April returns, with one day of pranks and the rest full of rain...this doesn't stop the Predatory Teddy Bear from terrorizing the children!


New targets are live!

Complete tasks and claim them before the end of the month.

Target suggestions welcomed from all.

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