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We're here to have fun playing Minecraft, and we hope you will, too!

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, please be sure to follow these simple rules. The core set applies at ALL times:

1. Family friendly

The community is opened to people of all ages, and there are kids playing with us. As such, please keep your language and attitude appropriate for everyone.

2. No discussions on religion or politics

We're here to have fun and relax, and both religion and politics can be divisive topics. While having a chat on these can be nice, this is not the place to do so.

3. No Gameplay Changing Mods

No cheating! We're in these worlds to explore, following the rules of Minecraft survival. Mods that affect gameplay are not allowed, including but not limited to flying, running, x-ray and kill aura. Likewise, the staff members won't teleport you around.

Exploiting game bugs to glitch the game, like x-ray machines or Nether roof access, is also prohibited.

4. No lagging devices

No devices that create a noticeable amount of lag or stress on a server are allowed. This includes but is not limited to heavy redstone mechanisms and large amounts of animals.

Additionally, and to ensure that the server keeps operating smoothly, all automated farms and grinders are banned within a radius of 150 blocks of each world's spawn point.


Basically, none of the survival servers accept griefing, raiding and the like.

5. No griefing

People can put a lot of work in their creations, please don't ruin that or loot their chests. Griefing is stricly forbidden and will get offenders banned from the server. If something isn't labelled as free, don't take it.

6. No player traps

PvP is not allowed except in designated areas, and indirect attacks toward other players are not accepted either. Traps are included in this category!

7. Respect private property

Don't change or extend someone's structures without their permission. If a sign says that visitors are unwelcome, please respect that as well and find another area to play in.

8. Player safety

Within public towns, ensure that no mobs can spawn. This means that you need to add enough light sources or doors for everyone to be safe!


The monthly challenge world, available in the lobby, runs under different circumstances: raiding and PvP are sometimes allowed, unless specified otherwise. Everyone must be able to survive on their own and be ready for anything!

5. Griefing and raiding are sometimes allowed

Be wary of incoming players: you might want to hide or be ready to protect your home turf, as people are sometimes allowed to break it apart and take the spoils of war.

6. Player traps are allowed

Since raiding is an option, you're totally free to build up traps to protect your territory in any way you wish.

About playing pranks and "just for fun"

Many players like to ask us if pranks are allowed, or causing trouble to another player "just for fun".

What you think is a "harmless prank" won't always be understood as such by your target. Things done "just for fun" aren't funny for everyone. Some will get angry, others will be scared about what's going on. Some also get worried about bugs and get in touch with the staff for help, only to realize later that nothing was seriously wrong.

That ends up causing trouble to the people being targeted and the staff which looks into potential problems. Taking items "for fun" is dangerously close to stealing and should be avoided, same as changing someone else's build.

Pranks aren't strictly forbidden, but think carefully about setting one up: your target might not like it as much as you think.


As of mid-2020, we're operating on a three strikes ban policy.

First strike: 3 days ban
Second strike: 1 month ban
Third strike: Permanent

Major offences will get anyone removed directly and permanently. Appeals can be placed on the forums and are subject to staff review.

The goal of these rules is to create a safe environment for all players and to keep things fair for everyone. Even if your base is far away from everyone else, keep in mind that we're all in a community, playing together! If a rule isn't clear enough, staff have the final say on the matter.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them within the game or on the forums. There is no stupid question!