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The Story - Chapter 3 - Temple of Ancients

Unbeknownst to the Horsemen at the time, the freezing of the plains had an odd side-effect. The river that ran through the northern-end of the area shrank dramatically as it froze over, uncovering the long-forgotten entrance to a temple from the first ages of the earth.

Within the depths beneath the plain, an ancient war had taken place, unknown to those on the surface. In the time before time, the Moose had buried his sword into the temple, transforming it into a prison to hold an ancient evil, the hybrid species Nex, that had been on the loose; posing enough of a threat to force him to step in. His sword had broken from the force of the act, shattering and raining down shards of blade and handle throughout the temple.

Before the entrance had been flooded, Saradomin; the God of Order; had sent his minions into the temple to retrieve the shards for his own end, as they still radiated with immesurable power. He sent one of his commanders into the ruin, followed by an army of his 'devote' followers.

This attracted the attention of his rival and opposite, Zamorak; the God of Chaos. Zamorak sent his own demonic commander into the ruins, followed by a legion of creatures under his command, to disrupt the efforts of Saradomin's forces and collect the shards for himself.

The fighting then attracted the attention of yet another, Bandos; the God of War. Bandos's forces cared less for the power of the shards, their main purpose being battle. His forces laid seige on both Saradomin and Zamorak's forces relentlessly, with no obvious goal to reach other then the glory of the fight.

Armadyl; the God of Justice; was the last to take notice. His own general and forces were dispatched; not with the aim of obtaining the shards for himself, but to keep them away from the forces of the other three gods. Like the god himself, his followers were of a bird-like race, and would bring the shards high into the reaches of the ruin, where none could reach or find them.

The underground war continued on for years, and then centuries, until all four sides seemed to have lost track of the outside world. The entrance to the ruin was eventually flooded, and nothing entered or exited the ruin for millenia. The generals on all four factions devised ways of crafting the shards into makeshift weapons; dubbed the Godswords; which they used against one another frequently.

With the freezing of the river and a breath of fresh air circulating within the ruins for the first time in ages, the fighting began anew. Silent, almost breathless whispers reached the ears of all four generals, telling of an even greater power sleeping deep within the ruins, in an area none would have suspected anything existing previosuly. Invigorated for the first time in centuries, they dispatched their forces with new and vibrant purpose: to access the ancient prison, and gain the power of it's long time prisoner, Nex.

Unknowingly, their efforts to access the prison simaltaneously weakened the seal, and their forces were met by none other than Nex herself. The ancient terror effortlessly slaughtered waves of minions, but the years had seemingly also taken their toll. In her weakened and partially sealed state, however, she was gradually overcome by the endless hoards of all four gods. Battered and spent, she prepared for her final release from her long years of imprisonment, a gloryful death. She was met instead, however, by none other than Death himself.

Invisible to the other occupants of the room, only Nex was able to witness him extending his hand. All were able to hear the single phrase he then uttered: "Come and see."

A blood curdling scream then erupted from Nex, stunning the forces in the room as she tore at her own face. Just as suddenly as she had begun to convult, she was mysteriously gone, leaving the confused minions of the gods to fight one another in the now-empty prison cell.

Death, however, left the ruin- but not before casting a knowing glance at a cloaked figure hurrying out from the temple, visibly aggravated at what was most likely a plan that had failed.

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