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A different challenge is presented every month, right in the lobby. Among these are UHC, Race Away, the Grindatron, a randomizer, and more. All of these happen in their own worlds, with a fully separate inventory.

You'll need to be registered to play any of the challenges. The process is quick and easy, so do it today!


UHC stands for Ultra Hardcore: the difficulty is set to hard and natural health regeneration is disabled. This means that you must rely on potions, Golden Apples and beacons to heal up! Additionally, raiding and griefing ARE allowed in this corner of the Creeper's Lab.

A small, protected area is available around the spawn point. Beyond that, you're on your own!

Your goals for this challenge are the following:

  • Crafting a bookshelf
  • Crafting an enchantment table
  • Access the Nether
  • Pick up a blaze rod

Each successfully completed task is worth 5 Merit Points.

Race Away

What it says on the tin! The goal of Race Away is simple: run East on the X axis, as far as you can, and cover more distance than the others. The higher your ranking, the more points you earn! If you die, you get sent back ALL the way to the beginning, so slow and steady might be a better strategy than fast and furious.

Unless noted otherwise, the top 30 runners get Merit Points based on their best position, in decreasing order. That is, the top runner gets 30, the second place 29, third place 28, and so on.


Summary: The Grindatron presents a new goal every few hours in the form of a block or item that needs to be provided at the spawn point. Provide the item in time, you get points! However, each action you perform (moving, digging, placing blocks) drains your energy, which is limited!

How it works

Every four hours, a new target is given. For example, "2 x bread", "64 x dirt", or "1 x gold pickaxe". Your goal is to obtain this item and place it in the enderchest that's located at the spawn point, near coordinates 0, 0. If you do it right, you'll get a confirmation and can either continue freely playing to gather more supplies, or wait until the next target appears. You can get a confirmation of the current target at any time by entering /target.

When you're ready, drop the item(s) that are part of the current target in the enderchest, in a single stack. If you're correct, the items will disappear and you'll get a confirmation. Be careful: any and all objects placed in the enderchest at that time will be removed, including those that are not related to the current target!

You only have a limited amount of energy available, which refills at the end of each cycle. The following actions will cause an energy drain:

  • Moving around (riding a vehicle cuts the drain by half)
  • Breaking blocks
  • Placing blocks
  • Dying (large penalty)
  • Fishing

Once you run out of energy, you'll move way slower, won't be able to break some blocks, and all around will be exhausted. Don't get caught in the open when that happens, or deep in a cave! Drinking milk buckets is not possible when exhausted, so you can't clear the effects temporarily, and fishing will no longer return items.

The interface

Here's a look at what your gameplay screen will look like:

Interface example Top: energy remaining and progression of the current cycle Right: score of all connected players Middle bottom: the current target

Daily connection bonus

For each day that you connect to Kenorland during the month, you'll get a bonus item to help you out. Every consecutive daily connection improves the bonus item, up to a diamond.

If you break your streak, the bonus will restart from day one. Staying online doesn't count, as well as accessing other worlds: you need to leave and rejoin the Grindatron for your presence to be counted.

The targets

The targets are generated automatically on the fly and pool from almost every Minecraft block and item available, along with a random quantity that must be provided. Each item has been assigned a rarity value to ensure that things like "64 x Nether star" never happen. "64 x stone" is definitely an option, though!


Each successfully completed target will net you one Merit Point, giving you a chance to increase your score very quickly! Remember that we've got plenty of uses for the points, too!


All item drops have been completely randomized: the classic "punch tree, get wood" no longer applies here! There is no set goal, as merely trying to work your way around the list of items should be enough to keep you busy. Teaming up might make this simpler!

Unless noted otherwise, participating is worth 5 Merit Points.