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Latest achievements

These are the latest achievements earned on the survival servers.

2019-10-20 at 0:00:05
Pick up 2500 units of regular sand from the ground
2019-10-19 at 14:00:03
Tarzan Hates Jungle
Destroy 100 vines
2019-10-17 at 2:30:05
Say 2000 words in chat
2019-10-15 at 17:30:04
Taking Aim
Fire 128 arrows using a bow
2019-10-15 at 16:30:03
Fragile Strength
Collect a stack of obsidian
2019-10-15 at 16:30:03
Are You Going To Get Banned?
Place 10 TNT blocks somewhere
2019-10-15 at 3:00:05
My Precious
Craft a Golden Apple
2019-10-14 at 22:00:04
Machine Gun
Fire 1000 arrows using a bow
2019-10-14 at 21:00:06
End at the beginning
Find the 3 original strongholds
2019-10-14 at 20:00:05
Jedi Master
Kill 10 ghasts with their own fireballs
2019-10-14 at 4:30:03
Create a cauldron
2019-10-14 at 3:00:03
Cold Hater
Create 20 furnaces
2019-10-13 at 22:30:04
Machine Gun
Fire 1000 arrows using a bow
2019-10-13 at 20:00:07
Walking the Thin Line
Complete the parkour arena
2019-10-13 at 19:00:06
Get a killstreak of 5 and live to tell the tale
2019-10-13 at 18:00:07
Burj Khalifa Fall
Get 828 points of falling damage
2019-10-13 at 9:30:03
Die from falling 5 times
2019-10-13 at 6:30:03
Getting lost often?
Walk 2.400.000 meters
2019-10-13 at 2:30:07
Have Sword, Will Travel
Fight in all arenas
2019-10-12 at 21:30:03
Show Off
Place a diamond block somewhere
2019-10-12 at 1:30:03
Cold Hater
Create 20 furnaces
2019-10-12 at 1:00:04
Tough Love
Get kicked from the server
2019-10-11 at 21:30:05
Apocalypse Now
Find four signs of the incoming apocalypse
2019-10-11 at 20:00:06
Praised Be Thy Squid
Get tributed
2019-10-11 at 20:00:04
Wrong Turn At Albuquerque
Get bitten by a killer rabbit

Christmas village contest results!

The builders had to select a 25x25 sized lot and build an idea that'd belong in a Christmas village, not unlike one found underneath a Christmas tree. The entries are listed below from the highest to the lowest score.

Dr. Cossack, Magic and the special team of MediaKlepto and her mom went from entry to entry and judged them on how well they stuck to the theme and how well they looked.

This contest ran from 2015-12-01 to 2015-12-31.

Kagato: 8.17
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Snowglobe! Unconventional, but it totally works. The inside looks great, and those curved candy canes work well as a backdrop.

Magic: Superb work. The candy canes are my favorite; how they slant and how they're formed is jaw-dropping. Great use of the space you had.

Media & Mom: kag plz. stahp with the fancies. Seriously though, I love that light up above.

Anonymous_SoFar: 8.00
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Very nice use of a stacked snow cover, I forgot that was even a thing. The large amount of wooden items outside feels authentic, and the inside makes me feel warn despite the cold weather!

Magic: Very great use of interior for how little and snug the lodge is. How comfy it looks makes me want to fall asleep!

Media & Mom: I find the urge to just say "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard" and that's OK.

AshaLina: 7.33
Ice Ice Baby Rink

Dr. Cossack: This looks so simple of an area, yet I think it works incredibly well. Just a large ice rink, benches to sat down, and decorative candy canes as light sources. What more do you need?

Magic: Ice, ice baby!

Media & Mom: Ooh, this is pretty. It feels so festive, like someplace you'd go during the holidays with a group of friends.

Coneva: 7.17
Coneva's Holiday Bakery
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: I love how colorful the entire place is, and how genuine the building feels. The inside looks a bit empty, as if a few tables to the side were waiting to be added.

Magic: This bakery is adorable. The exterior is incredible! Though, I think more decor on the inside would do it some justice.

Media & Mom: This is really cute! Every time I walk in I find myself instantly smelling cookies. :x

axe_y: 7.00

Dr. Cossack: Looking good! In my mind, a church is a staple of a Christmas village. The bicolored stained glass windows work great to simulate a tiny building that's been enlarged many times over.

Magic: Nice use of stained glass! Very simple, yet nice-looking!

Media & Mom: Ah, this church is perfectly suited for the area! Kudos for making it feel spacious on such a small space. That manger is a great addition as well.

Primagen: 6.67
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: This is a small, cozy home that feels warm inside. I'm a big fan of that christmas tree included within, and the small ice rink is a nice touch!

Magic: What a cute little cottage! I feel as if the outside could have had some more decor added to it though.

Media & Mom: There's a lot of detail in here. The tree is cute and it feels so cozy and warm with the fireplace!

Toad_: 6.50
Toad's Shoe Shop

Dr. Cossack: Original idea and full of colors, which I like! The heavy snow cover on top is a nice touch. I can't help but think that the inside could have used a bit more light.

Magic: I absolutely LOVE the outside of it! The inside could use more work though.

Media & Mom: Hah, this is cute. I like the idea of a building not so generic in shape! Glad to see someone thinking outside of the box.

MurderMerls: 6.33

Dr. Cossack: Truth to be told, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. The inside is highly detailed with some nice use of banners and item frames, but the outside looks very dark with all that nether brick. Another material could have been mixed it to break that overly dark theme.

Magic: I do love the interior and the little secret cave under it, though the building materials leave me scratching my head!

Media & Mom: This instantly makes me think of a little medieval castle, almost a dining hall. It's spooky and yet somehow inviting and warm in the snow!

Skreelink: 5.33

Dr. Cossack: Snoopy is a Christmas classic that definitely belongs here! The dog house feels a bit too wide and/or not high enough, especially when looking at the size of the "entrance".

Magic: Cute!

Media & Mom: Classic Snoopy is best Snoopy, especially on a larger scale~

coolycool125: 4.90
Coolycool Station

Dr. Cossack: Nice station, but I must dock points as the roof oversteps the lot's limits. I also feel that adding some type of rail would have helped with the overall look.

Magic: Very cool! It's structure is amazing, though the inside seems a bit barren.

Media & Mom: I like how this was turning out! I would like to have seen it finished.

Josh555: 2.83

Dr. Cossack: Shame this didn't get completed in time, it's a great location.

Magic: It's a shack on a hill!

Media & Mom: There's always next year~

Trunk_Monkey: 2.83

Dr. Cossack: You were off to a good start, you should finish this sometime!

Magic: Frosty seems to have misplaced his head!

Media & Mom: I can already tell this would have been adorable! It's such a shame it didn't make the deadline. I hope it gets completed just the same~

Exodio: 2.67
Salifax's Workshop

Dr. Cossack: It seems like you were off to a great start, but I guess the holidays rush bit your head off. Feel free to continue this when you have the chance, it has potential!

Magic: I can tell already that it would have looked pretty cool! Sadly, it's unfinished. Because SaladFacts.

Media & Mom: 10/10 would unfinish again.

Septina: 1.67

Dr. Cossack: Sadly unfinished!

Magic: Unfinished. :(

Media & Mom: It's a very...Light blue...Rectangle...

Mikey_el16: 0.30

Dr. Cossack: Half a point for having torches...?

Magic: Such a beautiful sign!

These entries are not officially part of the contest, either because they were built by players involved in running the contest or people who have willingly removed themselves from the competition.

Spruce Hills Station
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: All aboard!

Preview Preview
Train depot
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: I'm suffering from déjà vu...