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Sand castles contest results!

The builders had to select a 20x20 sized location at most and build a sand castle. The entries are listed below from the highest to the lowest score.

Dr. Cossack, HimochiKouen and MediaKlepto went from entry to entry and judged them on how well they stuck to the theme and how well they looked.

This contest ran from 2015-07-01 to 2015-07-31.

doorgunnerjgs: 8.67
Ayaz Kala Desert Fortress
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Great use of the location, which seems a natural fit for a walled fortress. I love the use of multiple flags at the top!

HimochiKouen: This one is just absolutely fantastic. The attention to detail here - even the fact that all five flags appear to be "blowing" in the same direction. I can almost feel the wind at my back as I stand at the entrance!

MediaKlepto: I adore this. The colors, the shape, the simplistic use of materials to add depth. The flags are a great touch.

Skreelink: 7.67
Twin Sky Helix
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Nice design, although very gravity-defying! There's a nice mix of colors and textures involved, while making the inside areas quite cosy!

HimochiKouen: Very unique setup. The application of red sandstone is particularly effective - to be fair, I tend to forget it's a thing! The one con is I'd say it's more of a sand sculpture, than a sand CASTLE.

MediaKlepto: The use of different materials really makes a statement, and the red sandstone used on the helix stands out nicely. It looks a bit more statuesque than like a castle though.

Exodio: 7.33
Castle Lak Morn

Dr. Cossack: I'm worried about the structural integrity of the building, considering that large cavern-like opening beneath a corner of it. The inside also feels barren, but it's possible that you ran out of time given the circumstances!

HimochiKouen: Y'know, if it weren't for the fact that there wasn't a turret on one corner, I'd think he actually managed to finish something! I kid, of course. The sloped design clearly insinuates the fact there IS no fourth turret.

MediaKlepto: The towers are fantastic, and the long climb to the top of the highest one from the bottom of the mine makes the scale seem really daunting. It needs a little more unfinishing though.

AshaLina: 7.00
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: I like the tower's look with its glass dome, it seems like a lot of thought was put in its design. Every story within feels large, which is difficult to get right given the smaller lot size.

HimochiKouen: Neat build, although it really looks more like a standalone tower, than a castle. Clever move using windows and furniture to emulate the Creeper's Lab logo, however!

MediaKlepto: Aside the slightly empty interior, I really like this! It has great dimension and the interior rooftop garden make it pretty even from a distance.

Coneva: 7.00

Dr. Cossack: I like the multiple decorations on the outside, as if someone had gathered shells and stones to add details to a small sand castle. The insides are of course small but have a nice layout.

HimochiKouen: This one is just adorable. I love how the big bulky seashells actually make you feel like you're looking at a tiny sandcastle on the beach, instead of a giant sandcastle that people can walk around in.

MediaKlepto: The seashell decor is adorable and they give a great pop of color! They give it a real sense of scale too.

xray275: 7.00
Sand Castle in a Hand
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Very creative take on the concept, having a castle-within-a-castle of sorts. The contrasting colors make it stand out quite well. The shape reminds me of the creations that actual sand sculters use sometimes.

HimochiKouen: Handcastle! Whoo! While this particular build is very unique, I don't believe it really fits into the theme as well as it could. It's more hand than it is castle. Still though, I do like the overall design.

MediaKlepto: Clearly a lot of work went into the shaping of the hand, kudos for that! I'd like to have seen a little more castle to it though.

DiKatze: 6.67
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Very intricate design, almost too much so: the mix of colors and details on a small-ish structure looks overwhelming to the eye. I like how you didn't go for a straightforward tower look, giving it a varying radius instead.

HimochiKouen: I love the colors and the general apperance of this one, but it again seems to fall into the category of more like a tower, less like a castle. I DID learn something neat from this build, mind you: half-banners are a thing that is!

MediaKlepto: The blending of shades and the use of highlights on this are really great. It's a wonderful statement piece from any angle.

axe_y: 6.00
The underwater sandcastle
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: Very solid design, and maybe the most traditional looking castle of the set. Placing it underwater was a daring idea for sure, and I like how it reminds me of a snowglobe.

HimochiKouen: Another cute, yet spartan build. The ship-in-a-bottle effect attained by building it in glass underwater is certainly an unusual aspect, so kudos for that!

MediaKlepto: I would have liked to have seen this in a larger scale, just a bit taller and maybe reaching out of the water. Props for thinking outside of the box though~ *pun surprisingly intended*

Toad_: 6.00
Toad's Magical Sand Castle
Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: The building reminds me of a clock tower. Major kudos to you for daring to do the entire structure out of sand (and not even sandstone!) besides the stairs!

HimochiKouen: I really like the shape and styling on this one, although I feel almost as if it's...PART of a castle, instead of an entire build.

MediaKlepto: While I do like the shape, it's much more like a lighthouse than a castle. I'd like to have seen this expanded on a bit.

coolycool125: 5.33
Sand castle

Dr. Cossack: I like the selection of wood types, but this "castle" has no building proper, only outer walls! Too bad that part of the moat doesn't fit in the 20x20 box, it's a nice element that I was forced to ignore for scoring.

HimochiKouen: It reminds me of child's sandcastle, on a beach. I like its simplicity at the same time that I'd like it to have a bit more detail.

MediaKlepto: Nice design overall; and I love the choice of banners! It seems a little lackluster for detail work, though.

SerenityBlack: 5.33
Inverted Sandcastle

Dr. Cossack: I thought it looked upside-down before reading the sign, so you nailed that part! The corner towers look nice, but the main walls feel a bit plain. Also, if the castle is upside-down, shouldn't there be an entrance or gate of sorts near its top?

HimochiKouen: Yay for messing with physics! Upside-down builds are always entertaining. It suffers from a lack of decoration however; albeit I imagine it WOULD be difficult to place furniture on the ceiling!

MediaKlepto: Love how it's flipped completely on its head, and the use of slabs to make things seem like they're really floating. Could do with a bit of color though, and some decoration.

Connovan: 1.33

Dr. Cossack: Better luck next time!

HimochiKouen: It looks like there WAS going to be a build here, but it didn't pan out. A shame, it looks like it had potential!

MediaKlepto: Clearly unfinished, and it looks like it had some real potential.

Josh555: 1.33
Josh's lil sand hut

Dr. Cossack: It looks like you started, but that's about it. Try again next time!

HimochiKouen: I...don't THINK this was actually a contest entry. It just appears to be a house in a sandy hillock. I could be mistaken, though!

MediaKlepto: I'm not sure if this is an entry or not, since it seems more like just a safehouse. >.>

cmzangetsu93: 1.00

Dr. Cossack: It's a square! And a tree!

HimochiKouen: No, I don't mean three. I mean, there's a tree! I think Salifax/Exodio/Banfodder may have competition for unfinishing builds!

MediaKlepto: The new master of unfinishing rises!

Dannerbean: 1.00

Dr. Cossack: I can't make heads or tails of it. I assume it's incomplete.

These entries are not officially part of the contest, either because they were built by players involved in running the contest or people who have willingly removed themselves from the competition.

1:1 Or Bust

Dr. Cossack: I'll give you some credit on this one: you definitely got the real life scale right!

HimochiKouen: Not only is this build perfectly scaled to the size of the player character model, but it's ALSO made COMPLETELY of sand. The detail involved in making this kind of a build without it succumbing to gravity and the elements is completely astonishing.

MediaKlepto: dat scale tho

Dr. Cossack

Dr. Cossack: Every sand castle must have its beginnings somewhere!

HimochiKouen: Shovel is love. Shovel is life. Can ya dig it?

MediaKlepto: Aww, I love this. First step out of the gate when I saw it I flew right to it. I wish I could have scored it. xD

Castle du Poulet
Preview Preview Preview

Dr. Cossack: You have too many chickens.

HimochiKouen: While she asked not to be CHICKENS counted for judging, I did want to make honorable CHICKENS mention for her design work. A lot of detail CHICKENS went into this build! I do think, however, it suffered from too many CHICKENS.

MediaKlepto: Though this isn't to be included in the judging, I really love this building~ It's got so much going on and yet it's not too busy. The chickens need to be firebombed though. >.>