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Plants and Zombies and Stores contest results!

This contest ran from 2022-08-16 to 2022-09-14.

Rebbica007: 26.59

Judge 1: I love that I can't take fall damage on the stairs, nice job keeping them safe! Great work with all the item frames and heads and i love how huge the sign is out front!
Judge 2: It is big, it is blue, it is INTIMIDATING...

Coneva: 25.75

Judge 1: I love how you used every bit of space you could and had so much happening, the map art, signs and item frames really helped push you ahead, also I love the gramer, it made me laugh every time I read it!
Judge 2: One Word, dictionary, JK had lots of fun laughing, once I understood what I was reading.

Rebbica007: 25.75

Judge 1: Great large scale recreations of the plants i really love them!
Judge 2: Very creative! but what was shooting THROUGH the stump???

???: 24.84

Judge 1: So who made this? it looks so so good but i can't give you a prize if there isn't a sign? love all of this build the front yard being functional is amazing!
Judge 2: I can tell you have played as well! I like that you added an upstairs to the house.

GingeKoda: 24.51

Judge 1: this is simply amazing, the amount of details you put in every item frame barral and armor stand just blows me away, good job!
Judge 2: wheres the peanut butter? I thought there would be peanut butter here... an interesting way to mix a pharmacy and a bank!

AndrewDowning: 23

Judge 1: That is such an amazing front garden, so full of life! sadly the back is a little empty. inside looks great too! plus i don't know if you planned this but when it's raining it feels as if the area is alive? breathing? it's hard to say other then the rain works for you 100% lol
Judge 2: First impressions count for a lot, hope they count for everything LOL.

AndrewDowning and Rebbica007: 22.5

Judge 1: A great looking playground with some really good details, loved the roller coaster and the floor being made out of that rubber flooring instead of wood chips!
Judge 2: Does G.I. Jan's daughter run this place? It looks like a military exercise course for kids.

SoraThePumpking: 21.51

Judge 1: A very pretty Store with great lighting and good variety!
Judge 2: -sora, you look like an auctioneer from hell running a bar.

BioZombieActive and Rebbica007: 20.75

Judge 1: Amazing map art used out front, the inside aside from the counter which i loved is a little bit empty, but i did really love this build!
Judge 2: The loading dock looks empty, I'm guessing because everyone brings their stuff in the front.

???: 3.84

Judge 1: Uuuuh, nice roses? did exo make this? or i guess not make this? I feel like it could have been great if whoever you are kept going!
Judge 2: busy much, irl only lol.