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Underwater base contest results!

StTheo's underwater base contest, held near Haven

This contest ran from 2021-09-13 to 2021-10-04.

AlexTheTrain: 8.38

Orist501: Portions of the build allow mob spawning. Such as, your chessboard, and your submersible. The use of the armorstands in the build is very creative, and provides much inspiration.

GroovyBanana: Lots of fun things to discover in this build and lots of nice little details. Excellent use of armor stands and player heads.

StTheo: I love the way the adjacent doors create an airlock, and there was so much attention to detail.

PhantomKingBoo: 8.38

Orist501: Quite homey for a storeroom. Small but Precise. Aesthetic appears to be hightech/Modern. It invites you in.

GroovyBanana: I like the look a lot, lots of nice little fun details. For a storeroom it seems to be lacking storage space and there is a chest that can't be opened.

StTheo: Very nice research lab and infirmary! My Subnautica bases always have a fish tank too. :P

SaneTezz: 8.00

Orist501: Quite functional, and reminds me of Subnautica. The Moonpool is spacous, and the overall build has potential for future aethetic improvement.

GroovyBanana: Great use of maps to add fun details. I particularly like the moonpool room.

StTheo: I love the Subnautica references, and the vertical modules are so cozy.

Doctacosa: 7.88

Orist501: Compact, to the point, minimalist.

GroovyBanana: Great use of the small space, but the small space also hindered the ability to add details to make the build pop.

StTheo: This was definitely the coziest one in my opinion, I love the use of vertical space.

axe_y: 7.25

Orist501: Two places in your build mob spawning. Such as the salvaged figurehead, and your gravel pile. Its also very spaceous.

GroovyBanana: Nice and unique color palette. I like the sunken ship salvage. Build feels a bit sparse on details.

StTheo: The ship being there was kind of an accident, I actually forgot about it until I started making the plots. Glad you were able to make use of it!

JMAL77: 7.25

Orist501: Soul retreat allows for mob spawnage, a zombie spawned while i was visiting your build.

GroovyBanana: Plenty of storage and crafting/smelting facilities. Build itself is a bit plain. Spa was a fun little extra.

StTheo: This is the go-to module for anything practical, every crafting station you could need all in one area.