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Brixton Estate contest results!

Twixxi's building contest, set at Brixton Estate

This contest ran from 2021-07-24 to 2021-08-07.

NicDaKermit: 7.60

Kimonellos: The basement's ‘game room’ was definitely my favourite touch of the house. You made good use of armour stands and custom heads for the rest of the build too.
Twixxi: I liked the open plan designs, with each room having a great feel to it. Nice work with the master bedroom in particular.

AlexTheTrain: 7.58

Kimonellos: Absolutely amazing! Great use of armour stands. The sewer easter egg was very fitting. The doorbell was a nice touch too
Twixxi: Great work with the sewer, and nice use of armour stands. A little cluttered in some rooms for me, but overall a good job!

Exodio: 7.48

Kimonellos: The layout of the house was great, in a way that makes sense too. The garden was a bit messy, but in a good way.
Twixxi: Garden looked really good, and I liked how you'd changed the layout of the house. Good use of item frames as pictures!

ChillingSlav & D0_c: 7.45

Kimonellos: The garden's decorations were enjoyable. The kitchen was decorated well too. I also liked the basement, although the build felt a little empty, at places.
Twixxi: A cosy house, and I liked the interior layout redesign. Good use of armor stands, especially the washing line in the garden.

ROEN_44: 7.45

Kimonellos: Great use of space, the decorations were nice too. I like the pool table in the basement. The garden's atmosphere was also nice
Twixxi: Great layout, and I like how you separated the basement with it's own entrance. The leaves covering the pavement outside the front door were a little obtrusive for my liking.

SaneTezz: 7.35

Kimonellos: I love the use of custom maps, both for the carpet upstairs, as well as the basement. Your sewer integration was also nice.
Twixxi: Creative use of maps and a well designed house. Wallpapering the house with quartz was a nice touch, but did make all the rooms much smaller.

Coneva: 6.93

Kimonellos: The interior felt cozy. The garden and attic felt like they needed something extra.
Twixxi: Really liked what you did with the garden and especially the fireplace, but a little bare in a couple of places indoors.

Rebbica007: 6.93

Kimonellos: The ground floor could use a bit more decoration. Basement was good. Garden was simple, I like it.
Twixxi: Liked the theming and especially the balcony. Your extension took over the garden quite a lot considering the ground floor was sparsely decorated.

Martguer: 2.98

Kimonellos: The interior decorations felt a but out of place, especially the leaves and Ominous Banners. The garden was also a bit random.
Twixxi: A nice design for a construction company perhaps, but this didn't feel much like a house people would live in to me.

Doctacosa: 2.43

Kimonellos: The few rooms that were fully decorated weren't bad, but the rest of the rooms were pretty much empty.
Twixxi: Looks like you ran out of time to finish, I did appreciate your theme though!

Zoreau: 2.05

Kimonellos: Most of the house was empty, hence the low score.
Twixxi: Nice use of heads in a couple of places, but overall the house was mostly empty.

xKamachi: 2.00

Kimonellos: The basement gave me a headache...literaly, also, most of the rooms were empty, hence the low score.
Twixxi: Love the basement, and nice use of paintings, but overall the house was quite empty.