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Levansk contest results!

Offbrand Neo's challenge at Levansk, set within the city's walls

This contest ran from 2021-04-27 to 2021-06-01.

Exodio: 10.00
Salifax and Sons
Preview Preview

This build is a true work of art. Both creative and within the build style, this installation really makes you feel surrounded by that classic firm environment. This build’s touches of excellence in the décor really pushes it to the top of the pack. Great job!

StTheo: 9.00
The Quakers den

Although simplistic in design, you can really tell that love was put into this build. Containing subtle hints of the time period it embodies, this installation breathes both utility and class. A truly excellent build that feels right at home in the city.

AlexTheTrain: 8.50
Levansk Forge

Although not in fitting entirely with the requested build style, this is a great build. Both stunning and creative, the builder has used some building techniques I have not previously seen in my entire time playing Minecraft. A truly excellent build.

GingeKoda: 8.00
The Office

Big and bulky, but that’s not a problem! Both creative and reserved, you really feel the intention of the builder in this installation. The chicness of this build really stands out.

axe_y: 7.00
Brutalist Housing

This build is in fitting perfectly with the time period of the contest. Both gritty and warm, this structure is a great example of brutalist architecture.

Doctacosa: 7.00
Levansk City Park

Although small and simplistic, this build takes great attention to detail and aesthetics. This build really shows off the power of a light touch.

ItzEnderr: 6.00
Mini Levansk and Unknown Building
Preview Preview

Mini Levansk: 8/10
Great attention to detail in this Chibi- like version of Levansk however simplistic it is.

Unknown Building: 3/10
A great start but seems unfinished. I'll be excited to see the finished product.