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Medieval castle town contest results!

Doctacosa, MediaKlepto and MineshaftBob were responsible for judging how the new builds in Stirburgh fit in a realistic medieval castle town, with no lot limits being defined.

This contest ran from 2020-07-20 to 2020-08-15.

ROEN_44: 8.00
The Blue Pumpkin Tavern - Neko's Inn
Preview Preview Preview

Doctacosa: I appreciate that the rooms aren't copy & paste versions of each other, they have a nice variety to them. The multi level layout seems relistic too.

MediaKlepto: I love the use of space and the efforts made with trap doors in this build! It's clearly been thought-out and executed well. It seems so cozy!

MineshaftBob: This is a solid choice for any castle town. The tavern/inn combo is a surefire addition, and the execution on this one is top-notch! The attention to detail and the usage of space here are fantastic.

ChillingSlav: 7.83
ChillingSlav's Merchants' Guild
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Doctacosa: Large, multi storied building seems credible if we assume that this is a very active guild with many members. The tall tower itself seems a bit out of scale for a building of this time period, though.

MediaKlepto: There's so much going on in here, and I adore all of it. The books and signs, and the chests that accompany them, tell such a concise and engaging story in so few words. Love it!

MineshaftBob: This quickly became one of my favorite builds as I wandered its halls, especially with the attention to detail in the form of books and specially named items! I may have to have a stop in to the Gilda Mercatorum on official business from Wardhaven sometime soon...

MadSciMerls: 7.67
Ye Olde Sandy Beach Marketplace

Doctacosa: Great work into making this place feel alive. The variety of characters and shops is something rare to see, and the more you look into it, the more details you find!

MediaKlepto: I can see why only the locals would want to come here; they must know something I don't! The laughing is just creepy enough that I didn't necessarily want to venture downstairs, but I did anyway. I regret everything.

MineshaftBob: The market stalls were nice - save for that shady-looking guy buying roses. But the real draw here was the tavern. Who can ignore a sign that reads "Locals Only - You've Been Warned"? Not me! Despite the caution, I ventured in and took a look around; I was not disappointed! This one lady kept laughing at me, though...

Pteryx: 7.50

Doctacosa: Good choice of materials, and the blades look especially close to the real deal! Interesting and clever choice, food is important for a kindgom.

MediaKlepto: The windmill interior is so clever! The sand at the very bottom looks perfectly stone-ground. Some serious thought went into this and it shows.

MineshaftBob: For something simple like a windmill, this is an excellent design. I love the usage of a basic block like sand to simulate ground wheat in the hopper, and the effective use of stairs as a cog mechanism! The polished basalt accents make a nice touch, too.

SaneTezz: 7.50
Hedge Maze of the Occult
Preview Preview

Doctacosa: I can see why this is for the occult! I like the original approach to the concept, a bit more mystical than your average medieval resident.

MediaKlepto: Cheeky, cheeky. This entire build is such a ruse! MAD props on the mapping; that's an insane amount of detailed effort there!

MineshaftBob: I'm...I'm not going to tell you exactly why this got such a good score from me; you need to see it for yourself. Suffice it to say the detailwork here is incredible. Also, I love the ironic placement of bright, cheery flowers all around the "Hedge Maze of the Occult".

IreliaKeisey: 7.00
Shepherd house
Preview Preview

Doctacosa: It's a wooly nice build! The mix of materials gives it a nice, lived-in look that Minecraft builds often lack. I've also enjoyed the detailing to the area, such as that rich garden and the well.

MediaKlepto: Great implementation of colors! Dyed wool is the perfect addition to a shepherd. I love the inclusion of a flower garden for dyes.

MineshaftBob: This is a neat concept for a sheperd's house; lots of color, lots of wool, and at the same time, not too gaudy (as bright colors often like to be!) The massive flower garden is a nice touch, too!

Rebbica007: 6.83
Demon's Cathedral

Doctacosa: That's one evil looking cathedral! The building's shape is spot on, but I feel like the blackstore is a bit overused: mixing in another material would have added some nice detailing.

MediaKlepto: Well this is properly macabre. I love how foreboding it feels to even walk in. I didn't even realize the crimson stems pulsed until I was in here and that just added to the creep factor.

MineshaftBob: I mean, a name like "Demon Cathedral" should pretty much say it all, but this place is dark, creepy, and the attention to detail on texture is excellent. I especially love the jaggedness of the roofing.

Coneva: 6.67
Coneva's City Square and Church

Doctacosa: I like the mix of a city square and a church, the two have often been important meeting points in many communities! The scaling seems right, and the confessional booths are a nice touch.

MediaKlepto: This honestly feels like a real sanctuary from the dangers outside. The shape is great and the materials really sell it. Props for the bells being visible above!

MineshaftBob: I like the open feel to the church, and the square is simplistic but quaint. They're a welcome addition to the overall feel of the town, but it does feel like a little more detail could have been added here and there!

Connovan and GingeKoda: 6.67
The Barracks & Training Ground
Preview Preview

Doctacosa: I like how complete this structure feels: training areas, sleeping quarters, mess hall, everything required seems to be in! A bit more variety in building materials might have been nice, but the structure is sound.

MediaKlepto: I really like the overall solidarity of the layout and how much there is to see. The posing on the armor stands is spot-on, and well...that story escalated quickly.

MineshaftBob: This is a fun design, and I like the simplicity in style. That being said, however, there's a lot of room for decor here!

xLordItachix: 6.67
Itachi's Plot

Doctacosa: The town's blacksmith! Simple but efficient indoor layout. The outside staircase seems a natural fit for a building of this size.

MediaKlepto: The selection of materials in a build of this size is fantastic. Black terracotta and gray concrete powder?? They tie in very nicely, and the layout is simple and perfectly effective.

MineshaftBob: Someone's finally gone and done it, they've found a use for black terracotta. That in and of itself is impressive, and this is a great concept for a blacksmith besides! I like the open air design.

D_0c: 5.83
Time Lord / Lord of Biscuits / Alchemist
Preview Preview

Doctacosa: The multi-tiered floors give this one depth. Some areas like the entrance lobby feel a bit empty and underused, though.

MediaKlepto: Alchemy is such a fascinating concept, and I'm so glad to see it included here! And don't worry; that little "secret" is safe with me~

MineshaftBob: The shared story here with the Merchant Guild is surely entertaining, but the build itself in question here is sadly a bit lackluster. I like the layout but it lacks decoration!

Kimonellos: 5.67

Doctacosa: Cute little shop, I like the roof's shape!

MediaKlepto: I adore the table full of weapons; it's laid out absolutely perfectly. I feel like it could use a little more character over-all, but definitely turned out well!

MineshaftBob: A little gear shop, nice! I like the placement of the items using our beloved magical posing book. The only thing I have to say is that overall it looks a little...empty. Lots of substance, but no filler, if that makes any sense.

SorathePumpking: 5.17
Sora's Gallows

Doctacosa: Deaths to chickens! Death to the evil Chicken Man? Doesn't matter, I'll take twelve!

MediaKlepto: ...Of course you did.

MineshaftBob: Someone should be hanged for this...oh, wait.

axe_y: 3.50

Doctacosa: Unfortunately unfinished, but you've got a children's tale version of something going, here. Go back to complete it!

MediaKlepto: Baba Yaga could use an interior decorator.

MineshaftBob: This is another one that looks like it could have been something fantastic, but alas it appears to be nothing more than the framework of a build that could have been. Baba Yaga would've been so proud.

Manly_Whiskers: 3.00
General Item Store

Doctacosa: It's unfortunate that this had to be unfinished, before it has a very organic design to it, as it the building itself evolved over time. I highly suggest that you complete this along with your other constructions when you have the chance!

MediaKlepto: I would love to see this finished. The shape and choice of materials and colors are really intriguing and I feel like it was really getting somewhere!

MineshaftBob: This looks like it had a lot of potential, but unfortunately the product as a whole looks heavily unfinished! I'd love to see this in its completed state.