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Bridges contest results!

The players were tasked with selecting a 100 or 200-long plot and build a bridge to cross over to the other side.

This contest ran from 2019-06-13 to 2019-06-30.

Anonymous_SoFar: 8.17

Doctacosa: I especially like the shape and details on the pillars on this one, the structure looks heavy and sturdy all at the same time.

MineshaftBob: This one's a solid contender. I've said before, and I'll say again - something doesn't have to be fancy to be pretty! The entirety of the bridge itself only uses two types of materials, plus the stonework used for the supports - and yet there is a design here both decorative and streamlined. It also looks like he may well have just brought this bridge with him straight out of Byzantium, and personally, I am okay with that.

SorathePumpking: Did you turn your aquaduct into a bridge you armadillo.

axe_y: 7.83

Doctacosa: I didn't think it was possible to get such a detailed structure working at this scale, with full blocks only, but here we are! The attention to detail on this is great, all it's missing is a touch of rust here and there!

MineshaftBob: Another shining example of how simplicity can still be ornate. This one is also a recreation of a real-world bridge, and while at first it seems a little plain - you really only see two major materials stand out in the whole thing - it looks exactly like what it should look like, and there's a lot of subtle intricacy built in to the framework.

SorathePumpking: decent supports, realistic design, functional rail bridge- I might steal this for somewhere. You saw nothing.

MediaKlepto: 7.67

Doctacosa: The colors really sell this design, the various shades of white and blue working together very well. Props for the way the lights got integrated within the guard rails!

MineshaftBob: This is another example of more unique design. While the framework as a whole may be pretty standard, the combination of ice variants, quartz variants, and...end rods?! - it's a very different approach. As I'm fond of saying, there's no such thing as an original idea; just those who do the same thing better than others!

SorathePumpking: Iiiiicicle. Iiiiicicle. I want to ride my iiiicicle. Wait is that not the song?

Sphenicus: 7.00
JohnFrost Bridge

Doctacosa: Potentially the most realistic looking structure of the set, I like how the sidewalks and car lanes are clearly marked. This one could fit right in any city with a river to cross!

MineshaftBob: Ah, a historical recreation! I was wondering how many of these I'd see, and this one is pretty spot-on in design. The only thing I see missing here is that the supports literally break the surface of the water...and then are suspended there. A bridge too far, a support not far enough!

SorathePumpking: Genuine road bridge; supports are nice and realistic, until they start floating in the water

Orist501: 6.67

Doctacosa: An interesting design for sure, but I can't seem to come to terms with the geometry of this one. It seems more like a floating plaza than an actual bridge structure to me.

MineshaftBob: Another design that I really like, but I don't know how it would support itself! The platform as a whole has clearly had a lot of effort put into it, and even while I was judging I had to make two or three passes before I realized that there was an entire second layer below the surface bridge to look at! The entire thing is incredibly stylish, so it's still getting high marks from me!

SorathePumpking: Kay out of the three plant-carrying bridges, It'd be easiest to believe seeing this one somewhere.
... until I saw the rocket support, you cheeky monkey.

Coneva: 6.33

Doctacosa: For some reason I keep thinking that this one looks like a small play table for children, possibly from the surrounding stone wall. I like the inclusion of water within, as a sort of reminder of what lies below.

MineshaftBob: Part bridge, part art exhibit, all fancy! This is as much a walk in the park as it is a walk across the water; and one thing in particular that caught my eye is the effective use of Minecraft's (relatively) new waterlogging feature in the ponds that adorn the corners.

SorathePumpking: ...Kay not gunna lie, my immediate impression is garden on a table here. But it's a nice garden!

BiGsTiVo: 6.17

Doctacosa: This looks like a relaxing place for a stroll, as if an old road bridge had been converted for pedestrian use only. The trees especially stand out!

MineshaftBob: This one's a little plainclothes, but that's not to say it's not a good design. It's sweet, it's simple, it's just a little lackluster overall; but I still think it's a fine entry for this competition. (Also, you forgot to remove your building materials from the finished product!)

SorathePumpking: Little more believable of a setup for plants on a bridge, but gives more of a dogpark vibe. would be higher ifyouhadmoresupportsssss

Pteryx: 6.17

Doctacosa: A nice pedestrian structure with a realistic layout. I could see something like this being located somewhere in Europe!

MineshaftBob: I have to say, I really do like the design on this one! Overall, it's simplistic in nature; but the choice of materials works well together. The decor around the supports - kelp beneath the water, and the vines above - is a nice touch! I'm especially fond of the glassed-in bits that run along the surface of the bridge itself.

SorathePumpking: Decent structurally up top, but the bottoms could've used a bit more.. beef, to compliment the bulk of the top.

AlexTheTrain: 5.67

Doctacosa: I like the originality of this one: portals, leaves, water, and a nice blend of wood colors. I can't help but worry that people could fall off through the portals accidentally!

MineshaftBob: Now you're thinking with portals! This is certainly one of the most unique bridge designs I've ever seen. The natural tones above and below are a stark contrast to the obsidian sides, and the water cascading down behind the portals gives an interesting backdrop to the purple haze. One thing this build suffers from that I see with many of the others is a lack of supports. I don't know if all those portals could hold themselves up like that!

SorathePumpking: Portals to hell make very poor safety railings, but you get points for reminding me of a water gate I used to walk under by the old world trade center.

StTheo: 1.67

Doctacosa: It looks like you had an idea that could've been really special, but as it stands right now, the scale and shape is completely unbalanced.

MineshaftBob: This one still gets a proper grade, because for all intents and purposes it DOES meet the base requirements! You can walk from point A to point B. I feel like this could have been one heck of an entry, but it looks like it literally got abandoned halfway through. Sad to see, because I would have been interested to see where he was taking this.

SorathePumpking: Well... it spans the gap.

These entries are not officially part of the contest, either because they were built by players involved in running the contest or people who have willingly removed themselves from the competition.


Doctacosa: Choo choo!

MineshaftBob: Trains! Of course it's trains. Why wouldn't it be trains? Trains.

SorathePumpking: -WHEESH


Doctacosa: Hm, yes, I see... *squints*

MineshaftBob: I WOULD say I've never seen a bridge like this before...but I can't see this one, either!

SorathePumpking: -Best bridg