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Boats contest results!

A single lot could be claimed to build a boat, alone or in teams. The entries are listed below from the highest to the lowest score.

Three judges went from entry to entry and judged them on how well they stuck to the theme and how well they looked.

This contest ran from 2017-03-01 to 2017-04-02.

Anonymous_SoFar: 9.00
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MediaKlepto: The rigging alone on this is impressive, combined with the extensive use of different materials.

MineshaftBob: The attention to detail, particularly with the sails and rigging, is immaculate. Things you'd never expect from blocks! My only complaints like belowdecks, where it looks a tad spartan in places; and there's a few spots you can't even make it all the way downstairs!

UnknownEntity634: All that fence dear lord. Certainly not a thing I would've thought of.

Zixxter: 8.50
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MediaKlepto: I really really love this. There's so much to it, and it feels legitimately like it'd be the perfect place for a little vacation from building. There's a lot of great detail work on each deck. The only thing throwing it off is the extremely empty lowest deck.

MineshaftBob: This is downright beautiful, there's simply no other word for it. I love the work that went into each deck. Full-service bar? Hot tub? Private cabins? A+ work. The only thing missing is the deceiving exterior - if you don't see it from above, all you get is an quartz shell, and that belittles the work as a whole.

UnknownEntity634: Simple yet effective design, the lowest deck is just...

SorathePumpking: 8.20
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MediaKlepto: I legitimately enjoyed watching this take shape, and it doesn't fail to impress. Expert use of CANDY too. :'D

MineshaftBob: An expert rendition of the Constitution, given again the available materials. A good balance of detail both inside AND out! Props on the inclusion of the jack'o'lantern. :P

UnknownEntity634: Pretty solid interior and such, and of course there's a pumpkin

Kagato: 7.70
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MediaKlepto: Dark oak and purpur, you sly devil. It's oddly refreshing to see something of this size after so many massive projects, and it really shows the diversity of skill involved.

MineshaftBob: What madness is this? Kag built something, and it's wholly visible on max render! It's a quaint ship, and expertly crafted, but it suffers from a lackluster - or rather, lack entirely - of an interior. From the outside, though, it's a lovely little ship.

UnknownEntity634: And of course Kag kagging, and he even did purpur flags :p

Sphenicus: 7.70
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MediaKlepto: I love those sails, and there's so many little details in such a confined space. The update to the wool palette made it that much more vibrant.

MineshaftBob: This one may look a little plainclothes from the outside - although the lion on the sails is a nice touch! - but the real beauty is IN the ship. So much detail and use of such little space!

UnknownEntity634: These sails really look like they'd be blowing with the winds

Doctacosa: 6.70

MediaKlepto: This is adorable! I love the color and the oversized scaling, as it seems to fit the design. If only Minecraft had maple leaves~

MineshaftBob: The material combination is top-notch! There doesn't seem to be much to it, although I'm personally familiar with the original boat it was modeled after, so for what it is, I can appreciate it!

UnknownEntity634: we need to make a maple leaf banner, stat

Coneva & GingeKoda: 6.60
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MediaKlepto: BUT CAN WE LIVE IN IT??

MineshaftBob: In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed to sea...and he told us of his life, in the land of submarines. So we sailed up to the sun, 'til we found a sea of green...and we lived beneath the waves ...wait, what? Oh! Nice entry~

UnknownEntity634: All Beatles references, naturally. Definitely a clever idea

Primagen: 6.50
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MediaKlepto: This is definitely an excellent start at boat design. The sails could use some work and the bow needed a bit more room, but all-in-all not bad.

MineshaftBob: A solid piece of work here. Its biggest downfall, (and an ironic thing to say, being Minecraft) is that it's so...squarish. Learn to think outside the blocks, Prima! Being that you said it was your first attempt at a boat, though, it's a job well done.

UnknownEntity634: The book is weird, for sure. Besides that it's not bad, the sails are a bit weird to me

axe_y: 5.40

MediaKlepto: This feels a little plain and seems a little rushed, but I really enjoy the idea behind it! It looks like with a little bit more time the idea could have been fleshed out really well.

MineshaftBob: It's a decent little ship! The detailwork just seems a bit lackluster. Lots of seating, and little else. It had a lot of potential, and I think with a little push it could've been a top contender!

UnknownEntity634: It must have been a birch to get all this wood

Lacar: 1.20

MediaKlepto: This looks like it could have developed into something! It'll make an interested wreck though! :x

MineshaftBob: Whatever you started working on looks like it could have been impressive! It just doesn't appear to have panned out. A shame!

UnknownEntity634: best really large handcart on the server

MountainB0Y: 0.50

MediaKlepto: ...At least it'll be easy to sink...?

MineshaftBob: This entry's down to earth, I suppose, but I think I need to dig up a little dirt on it to find out more...

UnknownEntity634: "Mountains usually don't have boats", and you certainly don't, sir. i/10, score not found