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Parkour contest results!

The builders had a large area available to design a new parkour course, this time in creative mode. The entries are listed below from the highest to the lowest score.

Dr. Cossack and Toad_ went from entry to entry and judged them on how well they stuck to the theme and how well they looked.

This contest ran from 2016-02-01 to 2016-02-29.

MountainB0Y: 9.50

Dr. Cossack: Incredible use of the space available, the entire thing feels way larger than the area of land you actually had available to you. There's a huge amount of variety in here, and this includes several tricks I hadn't seen before... and that I needed to learn how to beat! Several of these rooms would've worked as standalone parkour challenges; the sheer length of this monster might actually be a deterrent to some.

Toad_: I may have given alot to people but I think your one of them...not being mean or something but your map hard for me but maybe it might be fun for hardcure lovers so...yea good job :/

Coneva: 9.25

Dr. Cossack: Awesome design, packed with a ton of details and a fun challenge. The glass & smoke jumps could get a bit frustrating, though! One could say that, overall, this score is a... piece of cake!

Toad_: I really like the map how you did outside and inside of the map. It was really fun, there were points where I struggled and died but it was because I suck at parkour. As fineal I really liked how you did the cat and its eyes :D

xray275: 8.95

Dr. Cossack: Outstanding concept and execution! The blocks you used blend in quite well with each other, and you managed to get a nice amount of detail in each scene. It makes this one a lot of fun to go through.

Toad_: It looked fun...for avrage person in the begening but then it got hard for most people including me and as everyone should know I actually suck at parkour...I give it to you for your hard work but would've been nice if it wasn't all that hard but it was fun i bet it will be fun for good players like you :)

Kagato: 8.75

Dr. Cossack: Beautiful design, with parkour targets that are more subtle than most. One of the required jumps in the initial snow area really took me a while to find! The transition tunnels between rooms are a nice touch.

Toad_: I really liked the inviorment and you're really got at it at the end of the ice forest was kinda confusing tho but I won't care about it because I suck at parkour so it was most likely why I couldn't see and do that part. I got to the end I was still not sure if it was over even tho there was a huge cake. I had to get out of that fly around to be sure. Doc wanted a platform in the end so I am not...the rest was fine.Great job :D

axe_y: 8.45

Dr. Cossack: Very nice scenery that gives an impression of progression. I believe that two of the jumps are impossible, though. No matter what I tried, I couldn't pass them.

Toad_: Hard...good built...i wana say fun but not for me but VERY GOOD might be fun if we play this on event night...people would die we would need to use /sethome in it so people could get back to their last point...would be so FUN!

GingeKoda: 7.55

Dr. Cossack: Easier course than most, suitable for those looking for a fun challenge without the frustration of constant jumping. The progression flows nicely, and I found the final puzzle to be especially well done: confusing at first, then obvious once you figure out how its built!

Toad_: I give you the not so lucky 7 :/ I really liked the map I wish there was more but it was still great.

Skreelink: 7.10

Dr. Cossack: Simplistic doesn't mean boring, and that's what we see in action here! Our "friend" was otherwise preoccupied, so I was thankfully able to get through the path without being bothered. The gradual increase in difficulty was a nice touch.

Toad_: Man that was fun...I like the end so funny XD thought good...tho I just noticed there was wither... I was creative so I guess it would have been harder if i was survival o-o

cmzangetsu93: 6.75

Dr. Cossack: Those looking forward to complete difficult jumps will be satisfied! I can't help but think that many of these jumps are the same, though, leading to some repetition in the design. The later inner passage scared the bejeesus out of me. Nice work on that one!

Toad_: Was hard and had hard time finding the end so I had to fly around and find the end by force...and there was no platform but you showe it with a sighn sooo...I dunno

Connovan: 6.75

Dr. Cossack: Nice variety of environments! While the final room looks a bit unfinished, and it seems impossible to avoid getting a bit of damage, the entire course can be done with some tricky jumps.

Toad_: Nice good...nice job thats all I thought of...

SkyRaider_98: 5.95

Dr. Cossack: The change of formula of pushing for speed instead of extreme difficulty platforming is a nice spin on the formula. The initial run with stairs and slime block bounces was especially nice. I couldn't find the finish line, however...

Toad_: It looked nice...I would fail alot maybe...nice work...(Toad_ runs away cause he doesn't know what else to say)