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Event: End of year party!

Posted by Doctacosa on 28 December 2020 at 23:35 [Link]

It's time for our last event of the year, right on New Year's Eve. Take it over, Coneva!

It's been a long year, hasn't it? Most of us stuck at home, with nowhere to go-- except into a game.. or two... or more. XD

And most definitely Minecraft was among them, offering adventure and travel right from our seats.

Creeper's Lab welcomed the integration of Bedrock into our Java servers, expanding our player base with a lot of new faces. In spite of the gridlock that the real world around us became, our beloved server became more active than ever.

So what could be better to welcome our newest players, and reconnect with old friends, than with a classic Creeper's Lab game night?!

New Year's Eve, starting 8 pm, (EST), join us for a special events night!

We will kick off the evening with several rounds of TNT Tag, where the winner will receive a special in-game award to show off back at their home base. Following this, feel free to join us in several special arena challenges and games, where the only loss will be the fun if you miss it. (There might even be some bonuses if you do participate.)

We will wrap up the event with a return to Townshend where, as our longtime players know, the boardwalk is loaded with 'larger than life' board games and activities!

Keep Inventory will be turned on in Laurasia for the event, and turned off when everyone goes to bed XD.

So grab your favorite beverage and come play with us for a fun filled Night to help us ring in the New Year!

See you in game!

Spawn fixes and how to use beds

Posted by Doctacosa on 23 December 2020 at 13:27 [Link]

The issue where you could respawn in the wrong location in various worlds has been fixed. To make sure that your position is set properly, it's important that you try to sleep in a bed across all servers that you're active on, at least once!

In recent versions of the game, your spawn is set whenever you try to sleep in a bed, even during daytime. Furthermore, to get phantoms to leave you alone, you only need to rest in a bed until the screen fully dims out - you don't need to skip the night entirely!

Event: Help Santa for Christmas!

Posted by Doctacosa on 20 December 2020 at 1:11 [Link]

It's been a long year for everyone, even for the jolly guy in red at the North Pole. Santa is getting ready to distribute his gifts, but he needs your help to make that happens on time! Kimonellos has planned out something to help you do just that.

That's the starting point of this event, which is entirely located on the Seasonal server, accessible from Central. From there, you need to complete a quest in three parts.

The forest
Mobs are roaming the forest surrounding the starting village. You need to venture out there to kill mobs and gather their drops. Two types of mobs are present, dropping various types of parts.

Santa's workshop
Bring the drops you have gathered to Santa's workshop, where you can trade them in to obtain gifts prepared by the elves. This is also where you can eventually cash-in your rewards.

The village
You can then bring these gifts back to the village and place them... under the Christmas trees, of course! Please insert one gift at a time to avoid overloading the trees. Once this is completed, you will obtain Christmas Points, which can be redeemed back at Santa's workshop. Getting enough Christmas Points might even get you some rare Merit Vouchers!

You can do this set of trades as much as you want to gather more Christmas Points and/or rewards, so you can try this for a few minutes only or play for several hours. Try to collect the whole set!

Note that you can use your regular inventory in seasonal then bring the rewards back to the survival servers, so pack in a shulker box or two to move items around! Head to Central's TransHub, right next to the train station and TARDIS in Central, to access the seasonal server.

This event begins NOW and will end on Christmas Day. Help Santa when you get the chance!

The wiki has its name!

Posted by Doctacosa on 19 December 2020 at 19:08 [Link]

After all the votes have been tallied, a clear winner has emerged, and our wiki now has its name: Creeperpedia!

As a reminder, the wiki can be accessed and edited by anyone: login using your Discord account and go! Everyone is welcomed to contribute to make this resource as complete as it can be. Plus, you can use the /wiki command in-game to run searches whenever you need to look something up.

December events & updates

Posted by Doctacosa on 16 December 2020 at 0:57 [Link]

We're having another month with plenty to keep you busy!

This Saturday, the 19th, right as Event Night starts, Kimonellos invites you for a Christmas-themed event that will run for an entire week. You get to do something different, then earn rewards for your efforts at the end! The full details will be posted as the event begins, make sure to be there!

Furthermore, with the likely cancellation of many New Year's Eve parties, Coneva has cooked up something to have some low-risk, high-energy fun. Get in-game at 8pm Eastern time on the 31st in order to participate; the teleporters network will be enabled for this special occasion! A reminder will be posted a few days before.

In Kenorland, Grindatron is still ongoing. There are no losers in this, only winners as every single point you earn is yours to keep, so be sure to enter! Starting on day 1, day 15 or day 30 only changes the amount of points you can possibly earn, as there is no catch-up to do.

Our Bedrock support is ever improving! Some of you have already noticed that placed heads now have their proper appearances, players can see their own skins and movement is more reliable overall. There is still some work to be done, of course, so you can look forward to further updates!

Vote for the name of the wiki

Posted by Doctacosa on 13 December 2020 at 17:26 [Link]

After taking in name suggestions for the past week, it's time to move on to the vote!

What should be the official name of the Creeper's Lab Wiki?

You can order the names available from your most favorite to least. The winning name will be unveiled in about a week from now!

Introducing the Creeper's Lab wiki!

Posted by Doctacosa on 6 December 2020 at 15:12 [Link]

After months of preparation, I'm happy to launch today the official Creeper's Lab wiki! You will find it at the simple address of

The goal of the wiki is have a detailed, comprehensive guide to what the Creeper's Lab has to offer. Areas, locations, items, everything can now be documented properly and by anyone willing to work on it. As of this writing, there are already 912 pages of information available!

You can access the wiki on the web and browse or search for what you need. You can also access the new /wiki command in-game to run a search! For example, you don't remember where the Zaros armor is? Type /wiki zaros, click the link (or type the short URL), then you can see that it's within the Shattered Sands area!

For the initial launch period, to save you from having to register a new account, you will be able to login and start editing by using your Discord account. Eventually, the plan is to be able to connect with the same information as our forums.

Everyone can read the wiki without having to do anything special. To start editing, click the Login icon at the top-right of the screen, then select Discord. Complete the login and you're in! Moving and deleting pages is reserved to wiki editors, which will be assigned over time. In the meantime, if you need something corrected, you can contact me.

I'd like to take a moment to thank both Exodio and StTheo for the amount of work that they put into the initial wave of content. StTheo added all of the then-existing science content, while Exodio set a framework for player builds across Laurasia.

Now, the name "Creeper's Lab Wiki" works, but surely we can name this something better. So let's have people submit names, then vote on them!

Fill in the quick poll with your suggestions for a name. In a week, I'll take all the valid entries and submit them to a community vote!

December happenings!

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 December 2020 at 1:50 [Link]

Advent calendar

Thanks to Twixxi's efforts, the Advent Calendar is making its return for a second year! For those not familiar with it, the concept is simple: go there, get a gift, and you can do so every day starting today up until (and including) Christmas! The rotation happens every day at around midnight, Eastern time.

This year's selection of gifts is a mix of favorites from last year with several new additions. This also sees the introduction of Loyalty Baubles! Every day that you visit the calendar, you'll get your gift alongside a token. You can then trade these to the new hut that's appeared in the Seasonal Park. Each item costs 5 tokens, and there are 5 possible items to trade for, so if you don't miss a single day, you can acquire the entire collection. You'll want to check these out for sure!

If you miss out on some items, every week, the Grinch will be there to cover you - for a price. However, the Grinch pledges loyalty to no one, and there will be no catching up on the extra rewards!

This is located in Central's Seasonal Park. From Grand Central Station, in the basement, use the Residential Line until you're next to the snowy park. Alternatively, walk West from the station, passing in front of the Community Centre then following that path to the North.


Christmas cards

Once again, the Christmas cards are back! Visit the giant mailbox right next to the advent calendar, submit your mail address, and get a signed Christmas card in the mail from me, later this month! I'm sending these worldwide. There is a limited quantity available, and it's first come, first serve, so don't forget to do this early to secure yours!

If you can't get in-game, you can also use this special page on the forums to submit your address.


New challenge: the Grindatron returns!

The advent calendar has you yearning for collecting more items? Well, you're in luck, for this month's challenge is the Grindatron!

This world, accessible in Kenorland through the lobby, gives you the target of a different block or item to find every 4 hours. Find the item in the required quantity, return it to the enderchest located at spawn (0, 0), and you're done!

The catch is, you have a limited amount of energy to complete the objective, so you need to manage your resources to complete this in an efficient manner. Each goal completed gives you a Merit Point, making this a great way to quickly build up a supply of them!

For the full details, see the news post for the last time this event was run.

At the Hunter's Lodge

This month, the Lodge is crowded as there is a total of four raid bosses available. The pilgrims + turkeys are still roaming around (those leftovers seem to last forever, don't they?), while they are joined by Santa, Sæhrímnir and... me, Doctacosa!! Do you have what it takes to defeat these and gather some precious shards for later trading?

A new type of shards has been introduced, the Syrup Shards, with new rewards for them and Scrap Shards. Plus, all of the previous raid boss items have been rebalanced and upgraded; to claim the updated ones, head to the Citadel and drop the current versions in the science workshop under the Post Office.

Not familiar with the raid bosses? The best way to learn more is by experiencing it yourself - gather folks, head to the Lodge and face the unknown!

Event: PvP tournament over potatoes!

Posted by Doctacosa on 21 November 2020 at 1:53 [Link]

Because the spuds must be protected and cherished, of course.

The Humble Potato committee is inviting you to a PvP tournament at a newly created area just for this purpose! This Sunday, at 6 pm Eastern time (4 pm Mountain time), head to the End of Time, PvP & Battles section. Go down a floor and enter the door for succulemon's arena!

Don't come with any equipment: kits will be provided to all participants. The top winner gets a cash prize of $5.00 CAD and a shulker full of potatoes, so make sure you don't miss out!

To help prepare the tournament's structure, please get in touch with @succulem0n on Discord!

See you then!

Visit the Super Loom!

Posted by Doctacosa on 19 November 2020 at 0:09 [Link]

Thanks to Twixxi, we now have an additional in-game tool for public use!

If you make your way to Central, in the Commercial District, you will find the Super Loom.

This is an automated building that allows you to add patterns to your banners without having to craft an actual loom block. Just bring your banners, your dyes, and hit the buttons to create your own designs!

This could be of special interest to our Bedrock players, as the actual loom crafting table hasn't been implemented yet. Java players can still appreciate the convenience, though. Plus, this structure also lets you go over Minecraft's base limit of 6 layers on banners, so you can try to make some more elaborate designs if you wish!

Go give it a try!


Game versions updated

Posted by Doctacosa on 17 November 2020 at 23:55 [Link]

The server versions have been updated tonight, with your usual bug fixes and improvements.

Java players, you will now be required to use 1.16.4 to access the survival servers. Yes, Optifine has been updated.

Bedrock players, you will need the latest version on your platform, which should be 1.16.100 as of this writing. If you haven't been auto-updated yet, go check on that!

Ninth anniversary!

Posted by Doctacosa on 11 November 2020 at 22:30 [Link]

Another rotation around the Sun has been completed, and the Creeper's Lab is now nine years old! Thank you everyone for helping this place grow more and more, and proving it has some serious staying power. A lot has happened in the past year, too:

  • Updates to 1.15 and 1.16.
  • New building contests.
  • Four new uses for Merit Points were introduced.
  • The forums received a major upgrade in looks and usability.
  • A hardware upgrade was done to better handle multiple players.
  • We now welcome Bedrock players on all servers.
  • The addition of merchandise of all kinds. Shirts! Mugs! Notebooks! Pillows!
  • TNT Tag just made its return.

Busy year, and there's always more to come as the train of ideas never slows down!

Collaborative map

You know that maps can be generated in-game to look at an area around you. Have you ever wondered how much of the world has been mapped this way?

Well, wonder no more. I've recently found a tool able to generate a composite of all the in-game maps generated, so have a look at Laurasia's current status!

This works by compiling all the in-game maps that have been created, using the best resolution whenever possible. You can see that some players have been very methodical in exploring their entire area and it's shown here in full detail. Other spots like Central don't have any recently refreshed data, so parts appear as they did a few years ago! Meanwhile, more distant locations only appear as a rough blur of vegetation and water.

I've set this display to update itself every 24 hours, so if you want to go explore and showcase your area, you can!


This month also marks the second anniversary of our monthly email newsletter! The newsletter is a good way to stay informed of the major happenings, past and upcoming, even if you don't have the time to drop by to visit us.

Starting this month, I'm introducing a new section where I recall the history of one of our worlds; perfect for those interested in a look back at how things were. This issue focuses on the expansion of Central over time; you can read the current issue here.

If you're interested in more, make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any issue! From now on, it will also be reposted on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds, yet I still suggest subscribing so you don't miss out.

Styx, Superia

I like to include a visual in these anniversary posts, but rather than have yet another look at Central, here's an interesting angle at our newest world Superia, centered on the spawn area of Styx!


Here's to many more years!

Halloween event results!

Posted by Doctacosa on 8 November 2020 at 23:34 [Link]

You mined, gathered supplies then deposited them where they belonged. Congratulations, you won the matching amount of Horseman points! The final tally for each team goes as such:

axe_y, GroovyBanana, Connovan - 25 points
GingeKoda, BioZombieActive - 25 points
Kimonellos, Coneva, revjho2kb - 25 points
Twixxi - 25 points
MediaKlepto, MineshaftBob, UnknownEntity634 - 25 points
BroItsTAG, Rebbica007, SorathePumpking - 25 points
Doctacosa - 6 points
~alecmon26362, Aaranvor, ~giratinarevenge - 6 points
neededet - 5 points
Exodio - 4 points

To get your Horseman Points, get in touch with Sora. Now is also the chance to go get your supplies out of Seasonal and into the Survival servers. Do this as early as possible, as the server will go back offline in a few days.

Good work, all!

TNT Tag encore

Posted by Doctacosa on 4 November 2020 at 21:08 [Link]

Have you missed our re-introduction of TNT Tag last weekend and would like to try it out? Or you enjoyed the last event and would like more of it? Well, you're invited to come back for more boom booms this upcoming Saturday at 9pm, Eastern time, right at the beginning of Events Night! We'll continue as long as they're a crowd present.

The problems we had last time have been fixed, so the rounds should go smoothly... as smooth as something chaotic like TNT Tag can go, anyway! The game remains available in the lobby at all times should you want to play.

So join us next Saturday for some exploding fun!


Support for 1.16.4 is live

Posted by Doctacosa on 3 November 2020 at 0:30 [Link]

Java Edition players, the servers now support 1.16.4. I recommend that you update to the new version when you get the chance; 1.16.3 will also be accepted for a while still.

This game version includes new features to ignore anyone of your choosing in-game. Please note, should you choose to ignore staff for any reason, that will not be a valid excuse for anything. Consequences will be dealt with as before.

Monthly challenge rotation

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 November 2020 at 23:33 [Link]

Since our Halloween event launched last night, is set to last a week, and you're likely busy with that, there will be no change done in Kenorland today. Keep that anarchy going!

A new challenge might or might not be introduced later in the month, depending of the situation. Feel free to make suggestions if there's something you'd like to see make a return, or have an idea for something new!

While Seasonal is focused on Halloween celebrations, the Hunter's Lodge eyes Thanksgiving! This month's challenges will feature Jack Torrance's Red Rum, with a bonus of pilgrims and turkeys making a mess somewhere. Gather your team from Seasonal and go raid the Lodge to clean that up, the more the better!

Event: Welcome to the Night of Fright

Posted by Doctacosa on 31 October 2020 at 22:44 [Link]

Welcome, ghouls, ghosts and other demons to our special Halloween event.

First things first, while this has already concluded, it's now back as a permanent feature: TNT Tag makes its grand return at last! This minigame, available directly from the lobby, challenges you and others to play tag in a designated arena. Some players are It, with a block of TNT on their heads. If you're wearing one, make sure to tag someone else quickly, because when the countdown reaches zero, that TNT blows up and you're eliminated! The game proceeds in rounds until only one player is left standing. Much like Parkour and PvP, this is now available at all times.

Bedrock players, the heads aren't currently visible, making it difficult to find who needs to be tagged. This is expected to get fixed as the compatibility level increases.

Our second event starts now and will last a week. Make your way to Laurasia's Central, at the TransHub, near Grand Central Station. There, you can access the Seasonal server on a special map. Your goal: the Horsemen crave destruction and have recruited YOU to help tear this new location apart! Due to the high targets, you're highly encouraged to work in teams of up to three players.

Here's the content of the guide provided to you in this event, holding more information.

This book contains a list of the Destruction Objectives for the event, as well the Horseman Point values each team can earn for the objectives. Each team member will receive the listed amount for each objective finished at the end of the event!

The ending Horseman Point prizes can be used with various traders around science; a warp to a special gathering of these traders is available via the TransHub in central, for easy viewing!

The Collection Platform is located beneath the spawn hub at the world's center. Label an area with (up to) the 3 team member's usernames, and setup chests to hold each objective. Only items on the designated team's platform will count for prizes.

Several mild Challenge Mobs will be roaming the world, noted by their visible name. Defeat these mobs to claim their equipment for your own! Careful though, what they carry on them cannot be found anywhere else!

Some areas around the world may be protected, these locations all mostly contain prizes to earn via puzzles or in hiding places. If it looks out of place or is a rare item, take a swing at it!

Lost your way? Use the provided Compass on the Lodestone at the spawn hub to always find your way back!

Once the event ends, the event world will be inv synced with the main survival worlds; everything obtained is yours to keep! Make sure you empty your inventory and Ender Chest before your final visit!

Destruction Objectives
10,000 Dirt - 2 Horseman Points
3000 each of andesite, granite, and diorite - 2 Horseman Points
64 Diamonds - 5 Horseman Points
64 Iron Blocks - 2 Horseman Points
64 Coal Blocks - 2 Horseman Points
192 Enderpearls - 2 Horseman Points
192 Bones - 2 Horseman Points
192 String - 2 Horseman Points
3 Creeper heads - 4 Horseman Points
1000 each of Oak, Birch, Jungle, Spruce, Acacia, and Dark Oak logs - 2 Horseman Points

To recap, you want to gather the materials listed above, within the week, and return them close to the spawn point. Once the week is over, scores will be tallied, Horseman Points awarded, and you will be able to bring the gathered goodies back to the regular survival world. Teams up to three are recommended for this.

Of note for people also gathering Horseman Points through other means, new trades have been added at Frank's!

Have fun!

An Halloween night of surprises

Posted by Doctacosa on 27 October 2020 at 21:56 [Link]

Wonder no more: yes, we've made plans for this upcoming Halloween night!

We've got two events scheduled for you, one after the other. Make your way to Central right as Events Night starts, this upcoming Saturday at 9pm Eastern time so you can participate in the first game. After this, you will be directed toward the second challenge of the night. Put yourself in the mood and bring a pumpkin!

But what actually are these events? You will have to come in this Saturday to see! If you can't make it, don't worry, as they will remain available for some time afterwards. See you then!

New staff are in!

Posted by Doctacosa on 25 October 2020 at 16:48 [Link]

First things first, I'd like to thank everyone who showed an interest for helping with staff duties. It can be thankless work sometimes, but it's important to keep a healthy community going! As these things go, I didn't pick everyone who applied, but I appreciate your interest all the same.

With that said, I'm now happy to announce that joining us as Helper are BioZombieActive, BroitsTAG, Kimonellos and Rebbica007. Congrats, all! As I indicated in my previous news post, if all goes well, you will make the transition to Op once you're settled in.

Additionally, I'm announcing today the addition on the new rank of Aide. Much like the existing Media rank, this will be used to identify people who are helping with the servers and the community outside the usual in-game support. Inheriting this new status today are Exodio and StTheo! Theo has been helping to smooth out some of the previous server upgrades and is now working alongside Exodio, myself and other staff to establish a still-unannounced feature to the Creeper's Lab.

This new rank needs some tuning on the chat system to be active and should be visible tomorrow.

Once again, my thanks go to everyone who was interested enough to get involved further, this wouldn't be possible without your enthusiasm!

Help wanted!

Posted by Doctacosa on 18 October 2020 at 18:31 [Link]

It's that time of the year where everything gets pumpkin spice flavored we re-evalute the current activity on the server and what our needs are.

In order to better support the players who need help during the day (or night!), we're looking to add a few staff members to the crew. Interested? Your primary tasks would be:

  • Greeting the new players and answering any questions they might have.
  • Checking on these players to make sure they understand and follow the rules.
  • Getting players unstuck due to server bugs or protections (it happens!).
  • Tracking down and reverting sources of griefing.
  • Supervising events and contests by providing assistance when needed.
  • As a last resort, kicking and/or banning troublesome people.

Only players that are registered and active at the time of this posting will be considered, and not everyone may be chosen. This doesn't give you any gameplay advantage, as the staff plays by the same rules as any other player. To apply, please send me a private message on the forums. Nominations will be done in about a week.

I'm also implementing a change to staff ranks: the Helper status will now be transient, where new staff members get first nominated to. Once they get comfortable with the tools, and if they remain active, they will automatically access the Op rank. If not, they will return to the regular trusted.

A direct result is that, effective today, BiGsTiVo, Raegal, SorathePumpking and Twixxi are accessing the Op rank. Welcome to the land of orange!

Thank you for reading!

An update to last night's event: to fix some issues with the trading system, the list of trades has been updated. If you have a book that hasn't been exchanged yet, it won't work anymore. Get in touch with a staff member and we will replace it with a working version.

The final trades are also being made permanent, so assuming you haven't followed the full trail of clues yet, or got your final reward, you can continue working your way on that.

It's time for a new event, this time hosted by Mikey_el16!

Where: Central, in front of the Creeper Bazaar
When: By 10pm Eastern time this Saturday

“A treacherous plot has been brewing on the outskirts of Laurasia, and now that plot is afoot. For Millennia, the Watcher has kept an eye on the world. But now the Watcher’s power might be at stake, for his eye has been stolen by Mikey, a personal servant to the Horsemen. It’s up to you now to trace Mikey’s steps and recover the Watcher’s Eye to stop it from falling into the hands of the Horsemen. For your valiant efforts each participant will be awarded a Medal of Honor, but the first five adventurers to recover the Eye will be rewarded handsomely by the Watcher.”


  • 1st Place- The Watcher’s Wandering Eye-A powerful gem that can aide in your quest to defeat evil + 4 Netherite Scraps
  • 2nd Place- A Godsword from the God of War: Bandos + Half a stack of Diamonds
  • 3rd Place-The Blade of a Fierce Warrior from the Kingdom of Hyrule & Half a stack of Gold blocks
  • 4th/5th Place- An outfit from the Domain of Conquest Half a stack of Iron blocks

Website layout update

Posted by Doctacosa on 10 October 2020 at 17:23 [Link]

The website receives today a bit of a facelift to modernize part of its appearance and help you find that you might be looking for, faster.

A lot of that focus went into the sidebar present on all pages: the information now presented has a more unified look and clear separation between the sections. A new "Support" block shows the current progression of the Patreon campaign, and a different merch item is shown on each page load to give you an idea of the range of products available on our online store. The link to our Discord server gains a big, bright button to help it stand out, and the rolling achievements get a bit of an upgrade.

In the main navigation menu, the first item under the "Basics" section is the newer "Getting Started" page, which has all the information that newcomers need to get started. If you see someone asking how to register, that's where you should tell them to look!

Among other things, the "How to help" page received the most changes. The entire presentation has been redone to better show the various ways that you can support us! More details about where the money given to us goes are now included, with a clearer description of the perks you get in return. Additionally, the current progression on the various goals are listed clearly. As of this writing, we're almost a third of the way through to fully fund the monthly advertising for the Creeper's Lab, with the long-term goal of me being able to work on this full time. Anyone interested in finding out more should check out my page on Patreon with the full details!

Thanks for reading!

Challenge: ANARCHY!

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 October 2020 at 21:13 [Link]

Dear journal,

That's it, I've messed up.

I've been banished from my home, sent to a faraway land with nothing but the clothes I was wearing. I'm alone, isolated in this new land. I haven't seen anyone else yet, but I have a bad feeling about this. I better gather supplies fast if I'm to survive here. I can never know what could happen next.

Even from them.

Are they after me? Of course they're after me. Everyone is after me. Well, I'll show them. I'll show them all what I'm made off!! THIS PLACE IS MINE!!!

I'm introducing this month a brand new type of challenge - ANARCHY! In this game mode, anything goes: your goal is to survive, build what you want, and defend yourself or go on the offensive against others... or even both! Our standard gameplay rules don't apply in Kenorland this month, raiding and PvP are allowed, it's everyone for themselves!

To give you a starting point, you have four goals you can try to achieve:

  • Kill a player: They're out to get you, better take the initiative!
  • Reach level 30: Make sure you survive against the elements and others.
  • Place a bucket of lava: Either as a defensive measure, or against someone else...
  • Craft an enderchest: Can your valuables be truly safe anywhere else?

Each goal successfully completed will net you 5 Merit Points at the end of the month, for a potential of 20 points.

Unlike UHC, you won't get kicked off if you die, so you can resume your operations right away.

To note, this being a near-lawless challenge world, you don't have access to any of the regular conveniences. The only existing protections in this instance of Kenorland are spawn and the four main railways (for your convenience), everything else is a free-for-all.

Good luck!

At the Hunter's Lodge, the spirit of Halloween is strong. A monster mash is underway for the month, with several themed bosses to be found all over the place. Go forth on a quest to find them all!

While we're on the subject of Halloween, preparations are underway for a special event later this month. More information will be made available once that's ready!

Event: Spider Dome this weekend!

Posted by Doctacosa on 30 September 2020 at 22:02 [Link]

As some of you already know, Mojang is doing their roughly yearly Minecraft event this Saturday, with Minecraft Live streaming at noon (Eastern time). How about we turn this into a Minecraft Day with a dash of Spider Dome in the evening?

You're invited to join us for some mad players-vs-monsters at the Spider Dome arena! See how long you can last against the madness that gets unleashed there! And get some fun mob drops in the process!

We'll start at 10pm, Eastern time, this Saturday. No science-based equipment allowed: bring your best, purely vanilla gear and see how you will do!

Java players, 1.16.3 required soon

Posted by Doctacosa on 29 September 2020 at 0:10 [Link]

The various servers will be gradually updated to properly support Java 1.16.3. This will have no impact on the gameplay, but you will have to use that version to continue playing. If you're still on 1.16.2, it's time to update!

New backing options: annual plan and new currencies!

Posted by Doctacosa on 26 September 2020 at 14:57 [Link]

Thanks to recent improvements on Patreon's platform, I'm now able to offer two new options to you!

First, something that I've been asked about a few times: annual payments instead of monthly! This way, you can prepay for an entire year, showing your support without having to worry about having another monthly bill. Plus, you're getting 8% off the total amount, which works out to a free month! New patrons, you will find this option right under the "Join" buttons. Existing backers who want to switch, please check out this help page for the details.

Second, Europeans now have the choice to pay in Euro (€) or British Pounds (£) instead of using the US Dollar ($), giving you amounts that will be more familiar without having to deal with conversion fees. Plus, by picking one of these options, you're locking in the exchange rate, ensuring that you pay a fixed amount per month rather than something that changes slightly every time. Hopefully, this is something that some of you will appreciate! To change the currency you pay in, please check these instructions.

As a reminder, backing me on Patreon helps to cover the basic server costs plus the added advertising, which is key to bring in new players and build a healthy community. Thank you for your consideration!

Resource pack for Bedrock Edition players!

Posted by Doctacosa on 22 September 2020 at 9:04 [Link]

Expanding our support for the Bedrock platform a step further, our resource pack is now available for its players as well!

The next time you try to connect to the server, a download will be offered to enable it. If you prefer to install it manually on Windows 10 Edition, either to play here or elsewhere, you can grab it from the resource pack page!

A few things like music discs don't work at the moment, but as with everything else, compatibility is expected to improve over time.

Support for 1.16.3 added

Posted by Doctacosa on 10 September 2020 at 19:01 [Link]

Minecraft 1.16.3 was released today by Mojang, and all servers have been updated to support it. Java players, you can now connect using either 1.16.2 or the new 1.16.3. Bedrock players, you're already set to go!

Creeper's Lab merchandise!

Posted by Doctacosa on 9 September 2020 at 21:40 [Link]

I'm doing something new today by introducing a first: a Creeper's Lab line of merchandise!


Ever wanted a shirt, a hoodie, stickers, a mug, or something else with the logo of the Creeper's Lab? Well, now you can! There's a wide array of items and styles available, and I suggest you give it a look if you think you might be interested! Every single purchase goes to support my ongoing projects.

I've made a point of ordering various items myself in the past months to sample the quality, and I must say that I'm satisfied with everything I have received. I have standards to uphold and wouldn't go for the first, cheapest option available! Plus, on many of the clothing items like the shirts and the hoodies, you can choose the fabric color to match your own preferences.

Also worth noting for international buyers, while standard shipping fees apply, there are no additional duty fees to be expected on delivery: what you see in your shopping cart will be the final amount you pay.

One notable exception in the line-up is about the face masks. I have received a request for one, so I've put a few designs up for your consideration, but I've chosen to sell these at cost as I'm not interested in making money off a global pandemic.


As this covers the Interordi network, there is also a selection of Interordi-branded products, should you be interested in these.

I can add new designs at will, so if there's something you want but the current designs don't quite match, get in touch and maybe I can make it work!

Go browse the shop at your leisure! Once again, any item purchase helps to support the work I do, so thank you for your consideration! The holiday season is coming up in only three months, maybe you could even find a gift idea in there...?

If you have both Java and Bedrock accounts, you can now choose to link them to carry a single inventory across both. This lets you keep on playing seamlessly from anywhere, without having to add both names to your in-game permissions! If you do this, you will use your Java identity everywhere. Here's how to do this:

  1. From your Java account, enter /linkaccount BEDROCK_NAME, without the tilde.
  2. From your Bedrock account, enter /linkaccount JAVA_NAME followed by the number provided in step 1.
  3. Bedrock will now disconnect. Make sure that Java is also disconnected, then you can connect using either at any time with a shared inventory and position in the network!
  4. If you want to break the link, enter /unlinkaccount from either account.

If you want to use your two accounts separately, for example to use one for playing and one for idling, or to be active in two different locations at once, you shouldn't use account linking.

No matter which option you pick, player statistics and achievement tracking will check across both accounts automatically.

I have also used this opportunity to add a new page on the website to regroup all of the relevant Bedrock player information, you will find it in the menu under the Basics section.

Challenge: Nether survival!

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 September 2020 at 19:14 [Link]

You've enjoyed the new Nether, explored its new biomes and collected many precious resources. That's good. But what if you had to do it all... starting from scratch?

This month's Kenorland challenge has you facing a brand new Nether world, completely stripped of any equipment or utilities. Your goal will be to survive and make the best of the situation as possible! Rumor has it that it's entirely possible, and that the piglins can have trades that could be relevant to your ongoing survival...

This is a survival challenge, and not UHC, so you can die and resume playing right away. Likewise, PvP has been disabled for this round. Everyone who tries it will earn 5 Merit Points for their efforts

Oh, and this Nether is 256 blocks tall.

Good luck!

At the Hunter's Lodge, a brand new raid boss makes its premiere this month: face the new Bastion's ultimate challenge, powered up! Gather up your allies and go defeat him! Also roaming the lands is a certain someone surrounded by flying insects and holding a rare piece of paper. Will you take a stand and declare your independence from their tyranny?

Tasmantis closing down in two weeks

Posted by Doctacosa on 31 August 2020 at 22:29 [Link]

Tasmantis was brought back online as a testing ground for 1.16 and Bedrock support, plus to allow people to mine the new Nether materials.

As the interest level as gone down, it's time to schedule its closure, which will happen on September 14. That gives you two more weeks to gather all the supplies you want and move them to another server. Use this time well!

Stirburgh contest results!

Posted by Doctacosa on 28 August 2020 at 19:16 [Link]

The judges have gone around to rate your entries in the Stirburgh castle town, and it's time to announce the results! It was a hotly contested finale, with several entries being within a fraction of a point to each other! Without further delay, our winners:

First place - ROEN_44
Second place - ChillingSlav
Third place - MadSciMerls

Congrats to all builders, everyone seems to have put a lot of effort into the area, giving it a unique look! Everyone has been granted their Merit Points; Roen, I'll see you in-game to pass over the Ceremonial Sword. You can see the full list of entries with the judges' comments right here.

We ended up with an interesting mix of styles overall; many players seem to have enjoyed the freedom of defining their own lot limits and I consider this a successful experiment! Some of you ran out of time to complete your builds, and I urge you to go back to finish them, as everyone seemed to be heading in a good direction. Anyone who wants to do additional builds is now welcome as well, no matter if you participated or not, as the building restriction has been lifted.

As a reference, Stirburgh has been added to our list of themed building sites. Give it a look if you want to create something and need a little inspiration!

Last note, we have the following guideline that applies to all contest areas, including this one: "In all contest areas, builds that are obviously incomplete, abandoned or not matching to the given theme might be removed at the staff's discretion after going untouched for two months."

Again congrats everyone, and see you next contest!

Switching fully to 1.16.2

Posted by Doctacosa on 25 August 2020 at 22:27 [Link]

All servers are being updated tonight to Java 1.16.2. Java players, make sure that you're using that latest version to connect! Bedrock players, you're already good to go.

This gives you access to piglin brutes, waterlogged lanterns and horizontal chains.

Full Bedrock support is a go!

Posted by Doctacosa on 18 August 2020 at 20:05 [Link]

I've completed my work to make sure that Bedrock players are first-class citizens on the Creeper's Lab, and I'm now happy to open the gates of all servers to everyone!

Bedrock players (Windows 10 and mobile) can now access everything that Java players can. This includes all game servers, web profiles, achievements, and more. New players, make sure that you're whitelisted to get started. Existing Java players, add your Xbox Live Gamertag to your networks to continue. You can easily see who's playing on a Bedrock client as their usernames are prefixed with a ~tilde.

As the display of stats on your web profile goes, plus achievements tracking, the statistics of the Java and Bedrock accounts of the same player are combined. For example, you could break 5000 blocks on your Java account, another 5000 on your Bedrock one, and that would be enough to trigger Destroyer for breaking 10,000 blocks in total. If someone is registered on both Java and Bedrock, the Java username and player skin will be used on some displays.

As a reminder, the limitations that I have listed in a previous news post for Bedrock players are still valid. Most notably, enchantment tables don't work yet, along some special crafting and inventory locations like stonecutters and horse inventories. Player skins don't always display. This is being addressed by the team developing the compatibility layer and is expected to get better in the coming weeks and months.

Do you know someone playing on a Bedrock platform that might be interested in joining us? Pass the word around, we're ready to welcome them!

Left: Java; Right: Windows 10

Now supporting 1.16.2

Posted by Doctacosa on 17 August 2020 at 18:57 [Link]

I've pushed to all game servers support for 1.16.2. This allows you to connect using .2 right away, yet we're still running .1 internally, so don't go looking for Piglin Brutes right away!

While you can connect using either game versions now, our requirement will move up to .2 eventually, so I suggest that you update your game whenever you can so you don't forget about it later.

Additionally, the internal version of resource packs has been updated on the new game release. Nothing changed besides that, so if you recently downloaded Sphen's update, you're still good to go. You will have to re-set them, though, as they will show as outdated (even if they work). Alternatively, you can grab the newly updated versions here.

Minecraft 1.16.2 released

Posted by Doctacosa on 11 August 2020 at 12:50 [Link]

Minecraft 1.16.2 is being released today on both Java and Bedrock. This new version is incompatible with the previous one, so please wait a bit before updating! While I expect this to be a fairly simple update, which shouldn't take too long, the addition of new features could cause a bit of delay. I'll post an update when I have more to share.

Bedrock players, as updates on that platform are mostly automatic, this isn't something that you have much control over. I'll aim to have some form of compatibility added as soon as possible to allow you to continue playing.

UPDATE: The lobby is now compatible with Java 1.16.2 so we can get in touch with players. Bedrock players can use any version in the 1.16 series to connect.

New perks for Patreon backers!

Posted by Doctacosa on 7 August 2020 at 21:51 [Link]

I'm pushing today a set of changes and improvements to the perks for my Patreon backers, here are the full details!

$20+ VIPs

I'm introducing a new bonus for the VIPs: the ability to change the color of your username in the in-game chat! You can type /customcolor to view the options available and select one. The color of the custom titles remains tied to your player rank so that others can quickly identify that.

$3+ trails

The system for the particle trails you can wear has been rewritten from scratch! The same options as before are available but will now synchronize across all servers: select your trail using /trail and it will automatically follow you as you move from one world to the other! As this uses a new plugin, your existing trails have been deactivated; you'll have to make a new selection.

I've also used this opportunity to introduce nine new trails, with many that include the new particles from the Nether Update! Try them by using /trail and see if one suits you.

$2 -> $3 custom titles

To simplify the list of tiers available, I've decided to retire the $2 level and move the custom titles to the $3 tier, forming with the particle trails a cosmetics package.

Everyone currently set at $2 gets to keep the ability to change their custom titles indefinitely, this only applies to new subscribers.

$1 orange asterisk

This one applies to everyone: the orange asterisk that many have grown to love next to their usernames now also extends all the way to the forums! It's displayed in your profile and alongside your posts in the discussion topics. I'll see in the future about extending that display to other areas, without making things look overly busy.

PLUS, adding more value to the deal, all backers now have the option to link their Discord account to get a color highlight there! As the orange color might be getting mixed up with the orange of ops, I've opted for a cool teal. To get this applied to your username, you'll have to go on Patreon to link your account.

Staff members, since you can only have one color on Discord, your actual rank will override the Patreon perk.

And that's it for today! If you like the work I do in building up and maintaining the Creepers's Lab, and you're in a position to afford it, I'd appreciate it if you could consider supporting me on Patreon. Your contribution can be as little as $1 a month; in exchange, you get some of these new perks described above, plus more like yearly or even monthly postcards!

Thanks for reading!

Expanded Bedrock support!

Posted by Doctacosa on 2 August 2020 at 22:05 [Link]

Following up on last week's introduction of Bedrock support, we're now expanding it to more areas!

As of now, players on Minecraft Bedrock (mobile and Windows 10) can now access Tasmantis (survival) and Kenorland (UHC)! This is in addition of the lobby, PvP and parkour that were already enabled. For these, you'll need to be whitelisted properly; it's as simple as viewing your networks page and adding your Xbox Live Gamertag in the appropriate field.

There are a few known limitations at this time. The following might not be working properly yet:

  • Anvils
  • Horse inventory
  • Enchantment tables
  • Beacon editing
  • Cartography tables
  • Stonecutters
  • The vanilla world border is invisible

There might also be some minor visual bugs, but nothing that would impede your survival gameplay. Work on this is moving forward at a brisk space from the compatibility team, and we can expect things to smooth out over time.

As far as our custom features go, not everything is working just yet, and the web profiles will ignore most of your Bedrock actions for now. I'm continuing work on that front so it's fully supported soon, ensuring that all players are on the same footing.

If this proves to work well, the next step will be to add full access to all servers!

New month updates!

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 August 2020 at 23:24 [Link]

It's a new month, which means a new challenge!

UHC makes a return in the lobby, with the four goals that you might be familiar with. You'll be visiting a fictionalized version of the island of Vormsi, off Estonia. Enjoy your cheap vacation, but remember to keep an eye open for any angry local - you die, you're kicked out of UHC for a week!

This also means that a new raid boss roams at the Hunter's Lodge. The Ancient Pharaoh has awoken from his slumber and rumors say that he's angry. Plus, there's another creature of unknown origins that appeared in the same area. You'll want to avoid it... or maybe challenge it for some rare spoils?

The three regenerating structures of the Halls of Nyx, Requiem and the Overlook Hotel have been updated in preparation for an upcoming fourth one - a Bastion! Most notably, some drops have been updated and their functionality has been fine-tuned so they all work on the same model, each respecting their own theme. Why not pay them a visit and see by yourself?

It's been a month already since we've introduced the new Nether! Did you enjoy the refreshed scenery so far?

We're moving forward with introducing trades for the rarer materials. You can now find ancient debris, netherite scraps and netherite ingots at a few key locations:

  • Piglin Barterer (Moosemart)
  • Spirit of Linza (Wychwood)
  • Emissary of Zaros (Snowhead)
  • Chosen of the Elder Gods (Shattered Sands)
  • D.i.Z. (Realm of Darkness)

Of these, only the first one is accessible using basic supplies, and you'll have to pay the price! All others are in the Horsemen areas and will require you to complete some of the local challenges.

Welcome to Bedrock players!

Posted by Doctacosa on 26 July 2020 at 15:38 [Link]

Today, I'm extremely happy to announce the next big step for the Creeper's Lab: Minecraft Bedrock Edition support!

The two main versions of Minecraft, Java and Bedrock, have been aiming for feature parity for some time now. While we're not quite there yet, the two are getting close enough where it's getting realistic for both sets of players to meet each other online at last. This means that players of Bedrock Edition on both Windows 10 and mobile can now jump in with us! Unfortunately, console players can't access community servers due to restrictions imposed by the various manufacturers.

For the first phase of this integration, Bedrock players can now access the lobby, plus the PvP and parkour minigames. If all goes well, the access will be extended soon to the survival servers.

You've got a copy of the game on Windows 10 or mobile, and want to jump in with us? Point your client to (on the default Bedrock port, 19132) and get started today!

To prepare yourself for the full access, you'll want to get whitelisted. If you already have a forum profile, go to edit your Networks and add your Xbox Live Gamertag in the appropriate field. Save, and that's it - you're done! If not, consider registering to access the full set of features!

There are a few important points to note:

  • Everyone's gameplay runs on Java. On mismatches like different recipes, the Java version is used.
  • Bedrock player names are prefixed with a tilde, like ~Doctacosa. Spaces are replaced with underscores.
  • For now, access is restricted to the lobby, PvP and parkour games.
  • Java players can't see the skin of Bedrock players.

Existing players, have fun trying this out. New Bedrock players, welcome! If you notice something not working as you'd expect, please let the staff know!

Building contest: a medieval castle town!

Posted by Doctacosa on 18 July 2020 at 22:42 [Link]

It's time for our next building contest! This time, you're tasked with building a medieval-style castle town! While you're working to establish the town itself, I'll be building the castle atop the nearby hill.


Make a medieval-style build that you believe is fitting of a castle town! Use the materials that feel appropriate to you to create the proper atmosphere; you'll be judged on your choices in building type, materials and creativity.

This time around, no lot borders have been drawn, nor are there building limits to follow: realism is your guideline. This is a medieval setting, and building codes didn't exactly exist at the time; mark your limits so others don't encroach in your space. Two main streets have been drawn as a starting point; you can add your own paths or streets as you wish. The area for this contest is delimited by the entire desert biome, so you can choose to be right in the middle of the action or be on the outskirts of the area. Make sure that you label your entry with your player name somewhere!

You can make multiple entries if you're feeling creative, but only one will be judged. Make sure it's marked appropriately!

Note that this area is NOT mob proofed, so there is a chance of being attacked at night. Remember, this is a survival game, so you're expected to survive!

If this is giving you trouble, remember that the invisibility perk available through Merit Points can be of help. This sets you invisible for 30 minutes at a time, preventing most monsters from finding you.

You don't like sand? It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere? Feel free to replace the ground by grass or any other material of your choosing.

I'm giving you four weeks, starting TODAY. The contest will thus end on the 15 August at 23:59, Eastern time.


You'll be heading to Stirburgh, up North. On the overworld, from Central, ride the Transcontinental for 6 minutes until you see the Stirburgh ramp to your right. From there, follow the path!

Through the Nether, follow the North line to the first substation, Great Oak. Get to the top floor and head for Doctacosa's Fiefdome. Once at the other end, make your way to the train station, and take the rail to Stirburgh.


The top three winners will each earn the following amount of Merit Points:

First place: 50 points, plus a ceremonial sword of the kingdom
Second place: 30 points
Third place: 15 points

Everyone else who participates will get 1 as well.

Additionally, I'd like to have two extra judges to help me rate the multiple entries. Please get in touch with me if you're interested!

Good luck!


Wider support for multiple game versions

Posted by Doctacosa on 18 July 2020 at 13:59 [Link]

I'm implementing today an improved method for handling multiple game versions on the network. Previously, anyone not using our main game version (1.16.1 at the time of writing) would be limited to the lobby. This would give us a chance to talk with them and explain the version change process if needed.

Now, we're adopting a different approach with a wider support. The PvP game server will now be accessible to all players using 1.8 and up, so multiple players using different versions can all play together at the same time! An important detail to note is that the server itself will use our main game version, that is with the Combat Update mechanics, not the 1.8 ones.

Since most players who connect using older game versions are likely looking for PvP, players using any version below 1.13 will skip the lobby to go directly to the arena.

With the lobby now accessible to players using Minecraft 1.13 and higher, so will the Parkour courses. This gives more players a chance at trying out these challenges without having to bother with a version change or registration!

To ensure that everyone is on the same playing field in survival, the proper version will continue to be required there.

Official resource pack update!

Posted by Doctacosa on 16 July 2020 at 13:56 [Link]

Thanks to Sphenicus' efforts, our official resource pack has been updated! If you're using any of the older versions, I recommend getting the new version for various corrections, improvements and surprises.

New to this release are updates to most of the paintings, with new and updated visuals. Plus, a new music track was introduced for the disc that was added in Minecraft 1.16!

For those unfamiliar with the resource pack, it's a light addition to the core game. No blocks or mobs are changed, with the exception of creepers, so the visuals stay intact. The pack focuses on replacing some sounds, music tracks, all paintings, while adding a few surprises true to the Creeper's Lab. Plus, it adds conveniences like a reduced pumpkin blur.

Give it a try! You can download it from the resource pack page.

All science areas are back online!

Posted by Doctacosa on 12 July 2020 at 0:16 [Link]

I know that many of you have been waiting for this, and I'm happy to announce that the science areas are all back online, including the Creeper Citadel!

For players that have already completed part of the challenges, some items have been overhauled and you're eligible for a trade. You can find the full list here; to trade them in, please head to the underground of the Post Office at the Citadel.

Some new item trades have been added at Moosemart, they will be added later today to the Resources forum. As a reminder, this is where you will find a detailed description of the various areas, trades and items available for the Horsemen Areas, Challenge Missions and other challenges.

Now running Minecraft 1.16.1!

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 July 2020 at 23:36 [Link]

All servers have been updated to the latest and greatest on Minecraft 1.16.1; it's time to update your client to discover the Nether Update! There are some important things to note, so please read on.

Many of you will be excited to go down under (no, not to Australia...) and discover what's there, or to mine all of the new material. To help with this, we're introducing three new Nether worlds:

  • The main one, to explore and build on, takes the form of a new server called Superia. You will find this one directly in the lobby. A spawn area and rails to endpoint cities have been prepared, similar to the other main worlds, and you're also free to take off in any direction as you want. Explosions are temporarily disabled, go to Tasmantis for boom-booms.

  • Rodinia's Nether has been partly reset to give you access to the newer resources and is now expected to be permanent for building. You'll have to head out at least 512 blocks from spawn to see the new areas.

  • For your mass mining needs, Tasmantis makes a return with a brand new Nether attached! This is temporary and will be retired when the interest dies down. You're looking to carve out a large area of the world, or you want to gather all of the new Nether materials? Visit Tasmantis first, it's there to be plundered!

Laurasia's existing Nether will be locked down to the current structures to focus on rail transport. Again, for mass Nether mining, visit Tasmantis now! To build, see Superia.

All science areas are now coming offline as they need updates to work properly under the new game version. Further announcements will be made as the areas come back online.

To solve key problems on inventory synchronisation across the survival servers, the entire system has been rewritten from scratch. Something important to note is that the position of all players has been reset to the spawn of each world. You will need to head back home on your own. To help with this, we're making an exception so that the staff will teleport you back home if you ask for it. This can only happen once per server per player. Make sure to set your spawn right after if you haven't already done so!


Merit Points Awareness Week!

Posted by Doctacosa on 27 June 2020 at 19:08 [Link]

Traditionally, Merit Points would be earned in a yearly cycle and then be reset, which would be happening at the end of June, in a few days. After reviewing their use, I've decided that Merit Points will NOT expire anymore. Keep on collecting them to build your way to the rewards you're interested in!

Some of you might be asking "but what are Merit Points good for?" or "How can I use them?" To help explain that, we're launching a Merit Points Awareness Week!

Starting tomorrow, Sunday 28 June and lasting until 4 July, you'll earn a Merit Point simply for logging in, every day! Combine that with the daily point that you can earn by voting for us, and you can easily rack up more than 10 points in the upcoming week! That's enough to cash in for a Merit Voucher, which can then be exchanged for a long list of cosmetic or memento items!

For more information on this, please check the newly refreshed information on them, it lists the various ways you can earn and spend them! You can check how many points you currently have available by using /points in-game.

In a competitive mood? You can see who earned the most Merit Points on the forums! Two leaderboards are now presented: one for the lifetime total, and one for the past 90 days only, giving newer players a chance to get to the top.

Hardware migration over!

Posted by Doctacosa on 24 June 2020 at 22:59 [Link]

The server hardware migration is now over; thank you for your patience! You're now free to come back online for more fun.

All survival servers are now back online, while I wrap up a few minor issues with game versions compatibility and chat support in the minigames. This new, dedicated server will give us about 28% more processing speed per core, ensuring smoother gameplay for everyone while cutting down on that dreaded lag!

On an additional note, the lobby now supports Minecraft 1.16 and 1.16.1 in order to stay in touch with all players. As I indicated on Monday, until further notice, you need to use 1.15.2 to play with us. If you need help in changing your game version, here's an illustrated guide.

I'd like to take a moment to especially thank my Patreon backers. Their continuous support helps me to stay motivated in finding ways to improve the experience for everyone, including hardware upgrades such as this one!

Minecraft 1.16 upcoming, wait before updating!

Posted by Doctacosa on 22 June 2020 at 14:19 [Link]

Minecraft 1.16 is set to be released tomorrow. As always, there will be a delay between the game's release and us updating, so please stay on 1.15.2 for the time being!

As we're preparing for the Nether Update, we'd like to get a list of all builds that were done Nether-side on Laurasia and Rodinia. Please tell us in this forum topic where your builds are located so we can be aware of them!

Early warning as well, when we transition game versions, all science areas will be unavailable for some days at least as checks get done and various values get updated. If you're looking to complete a challenge or score a specific item, you might want to do it now!

UPDATE: We will have several hours of downtime this Wednesday, starting in the morning, for a hardware upgrade! While we will be back online within the day, I can't say yet how long this will take.

An update on ban policies

Posted by Doctacosa on 17 June 2020 at 21:27 [Link]

After careful consideration, and since the Creeper's Lab has been around for several years now, we've decided to update our policies on bans.

As of today, we're adopting a three strikes system, based on the severity of the offence(s). In some instances, like major griefing and unacceptable attitudes, permanent bans will still be issued right away.

First strike: 3 days ban
Second strike: 1 month ban
Third strike: Permanent

The rules page has been updated with this new information.

This also opens up the possibility of appeals for previously permanent bans. If you believe that you can make a valid case for yourself, please do so in the newly opened forum topic on appeals. This lets anyone in the staff who's aware of the situation reply as needed, which might be preferable to private messages as things might be addressed faster this way. Many appeals will be flat out denied, especially for people who have received several warnings, so be aware.

Of note, temporary bans will not appear in the Wall of Shame, only permanent ones.

New month updates!

Posted by Doctacosa on 2 June 2020 at 23:54 [Link]

New challenge

A new challenge is now available in the lobby, as the Randomizer makes its return!

In Minecraft, every item has its drop: break a log, you get a log. Break a dirt block, you get dirt. And so it goes. In the Randomizer, the drops of each item have been mixed up, but they're all constant. For example, breaking grass might get you concrete. Placing and breaking that concrete could earn you a poppy! It's up to you to figure out what items provide which materials in order to progress. In this instance, Minecraft's crafting recipes are maintained as-is.

There's no set target for this, as the challenge of finding which blocks are required to do what you want can be complicated enough. Good luck trying to build a home of your own! Everyone who enters the world this month will net 5 Merit Points.

If you have suggestions of specific targets for future instances, please let me know!


Last month's Grindatron has concluded! An active core group of players kept looking up whatever target was given every four hours (whenever possible, of course!), then rushed to find the item required. Each successful run earned them one Merit Point. Here's the final line-up!

GingeKoda: 128
Pteryx: 118
Doctacosa: 99
Coneva: 94
Raegal: 74
Kimonellos: 60
xLordItachix: 38
D_0c: 30
ChillingSlav: 24
BioZombieActive: 18
Connovan: 16
Mattie_33: 3
axe_y: 2
MineshaftBob: 2
ringman77: 2
DragonDrone: 1
Twixxi_: 1

All points have been attributed to the players. This is a fun one that new players also got a chance to discover, and it will return in due time!

Hunter's Lodge

Do you see these miners? All active trying to extract precious ores from the Earth's crust? Well, they delved too greedily and too deep and awakened something fierce... a Balrog.


The Creeper's Lab has been around for over eight years now. With our long-lasting policy that all bans are permanent, outside of a few rare exceptions, that's a lot of people who won't ever get the chance to return.

The staff are currently reviewing this policy and would like your thoughts on it. Should all bans stay permanent, or is there room for temporary ones on more minor offences? Should the warning system be more formalized? If you're interested in this subject, check out the newly opened forum topic and share your thoughts with us!


As many of you already know, the achievements system has been cleaned up in the past few days by reviewing and updating multiple targets that broke during the last few game versions. As of last weekend, all 150 targets can once again be completed as expected!

Reminder: Stickers for Patreon backers!

Posted by Doctacosa on 26 May 2020 at 22:03 [Link]

Almost three weeks ago, I celebrated my fourth anniversary on Patreon. As part of this, I announced that everyone who got on board for $5 a month or more before May 29th would be getting a nice Creeper's Lab beaker sticker. If you've been thinking about it, time is running out: you have about 72 hours left to back me on Patreon to be eligible! Besides the sticker, you get access to custom titles, particle trails and yearly postcards, plus you help fund the expansion of the servers. Thank you for your consideration!

Related, the current monthly poll expands on the stickers idea: What merchandise with Creeper's Lab imagery would you like to see being made available to everyone?. Please take a minute to answer, your input is valuable!

List of building sites

Posted by Doctacosa on 24 May 2020 at 22:35 [Link]

Ever wanted to build in an existing location, following a theme, but you didn't know the local rules or who to ask?

Wonder no more! I've compiled a list of all the public building sites that I'm aware of, along with their themes and local building rules. If you want to make a skyscraper, look up Minetropolis; for a fancy house, Oak Hills awaits you; trains, we have that too! Many of these are former contest sites, this new page centralizes their information for quick searches. If something isn't clear still, the person in charge of each site is also listed in each entry.

If you think of a location that's missing, or something seems unclear, get in touch with me!

Fourth Patreon anniversary, feat. stickers!

Posted by Doctacosa on 8 May 2020 at 20:01 [Link]

Today marks the fourth year of me being on Patreon! I'd like to once again take a moment to publicly thank all of my patrons, past and present, for believing in what I do.

Quite a few things happened in the past year, most notably the first serious attempts at spending money on advertising. You've seen some player surges (and quite a few bans!), proving it to be an effective way to energize the community. Here's a chart on the number of active players for the last full 12 months, excluding visitors and people who join only to vanish after a few days.


There's a clear upward trend, a good share of which can be explained through the advertising. That's a costly endeavour, but thanks to my patrons, we've been able to make it happen. More players make for a more dynamic and healthy community!

Now, I'm looking at the next steps. Advertising is costly, better server hardware might be needed eventually, and a far reaching goal of mine is to be able to do this full time! As such, I'm looking to expand on the number of supporters I have in order to reach the next level. Maybe you will be the next person to back me? :-) I put a lot of time into the Creeper's Lab every week, and I appreciate any amount of support, as low as $1 a month. In exchange, various rewards are available, including custom titles, particle trails, and monthly or yearly postcards in the mail!

To sweeten the deal, I've got something for you:


That's right, stickers with the logo of the Creeper's Lab! Anyone who chooses to back me on Patreon at $5 a month or more will be getting one of these shipped to them in early June. Additionally, should you continue for longer, that tier makes you eligible for the yearly postcard that'd be sent out at the beginning of July! Of course, anyone who's already supporting me at $5 and above and entered their address on Patreon will get one too, without having to do anything extra. :-) This is my first time making any type of physical product, and I'm excited to introduce it to you!

No, it may not be the ideal time for me to do this. At the same time, I tend to wait too long for perfect circumstances, the anniversary is today and the stability of my current work isn't guaranteed past this year, so I choose to move forward in every way I can! I understand that, given the current situation, some of you who might have wanted to support me but can't at the moment will pass. That's fine too!

You have three weeks to support me at $5 a month or more to earn that sticker plus all other usual rewards. Are you interested in getting aboard for the ride?


Challenge: The Grindatron returns!

Posted by Doctacosa on 3 May 2020 at 14:12 [Link]

The popular Grindatron challenge will be your target for this month! Go to the lobby, enter the challenge section and start gathering items! Returning players, please read on as some balancing changes have been done.

What's the Grindatron?

The Grindatron is this month's challenge, accessible from the lobby. It takes place in its own world, with a fully separate inventory. Every few hours, a new goal happens in the form of a block or item that needs to be provided at the spawn point. Provide the item in time, you get points! However, each action you perform (moving, digging, placing blocks) drains your energy, which is limited!

How it works

Every four hours, a new target is given. For example, "2 x bread", "64 x dirt", or "1 x gold pickaxe". Your goal is to obtain this item and place it in the enderchest that's located at the spawn point, near coordinates 0, 0. If you do it right, you'll get a confirmation and can either continue freely playing to gather more supplies, or wait until the next target appears. You can get a confirmation of the current target at any time by entering /target.

When you're ready, drop the item(s) that are part of the current target in the enderchest, in a single stack. If you're correct, the items will disappear and you'll get a confirmation. Be careful: any and all objects placed in the enderchest at that time will be removed, including those that are not related to the current target!

You only have a limited amount of energy available, which refills at the end of each cycle. The following actions will cause an energy drain:

  • Moving around (riding a vehicle cuts the drain by half)
  • Breaking blocks
  • Placing blocks
  • Dying (large penalty)
  • Fishing

Once you run out of energy, you'll move way slower, won't be able to break some blocks, and all around will be exhausted. Don't get caught in the open when that happens, or deep in a cave! Drinking milk buckets is not possible when exhausted, so you can't clear the effects temporarily, and fishing will no longer return items.

The interface

Here's a look at what your gameplay screen will look like:


Top: energy remaining and progression of the current cycle Right: score of all connected players Middle bottom: the current target

Daily connection bonus For each day that you connect to Kenorland this month, you'll get a bonus item to help you out. Every consecutive daily connection improves the bonus item, up to a diamond.

If you break your streak, the bonus will restart from day one. Staying online doesn't count, as well as accessing other worlds: you need to leave and rejoin the Grindatron for your presence to be counted.

The targets The targets are generated automatically on the fly and pool from almost every Minecraft block and item available, along with a random quantity that must be provided. Each item has been assigned a rarity value to ensure that things like "64 x Nether star" never happen. "64 x stone" is definitely an option, though!

If you believe that one of the targets generated is impossible (for example, "64 x snow balls" since you can only stack these up to 16), please let me know and I'll make the necessary adjustments!

Balancing improvements

Some balancing has been done to this game mode since the last time:

  • The difficulty gradually ramps up in the first few days, so the game won't do things like ask you to find an elytra on day one.
  • The energy penalty on death has been lowered, as it wrongly considered your distance from your respawn location when that happened.
  • The odds of being asked for colored blocks (wool, concrete, glass, ...) or wood items has been reduced by 70% to ensure a larger variety of targets.


Each successfully completed target will net you one Merit Point, giving you a chance to increase your score very quickly! Remember that we've got plenty of uses for the points, too!


This new challenge will last for the entirety of the month. Have fun!

For the brave fighters who plan to make a stop at the Hunter's Lodge in the coming weeks, the raid boss you'll be facing is a Rancor. Look for it in its natural swamp environment!

Event: A night in the Spider Dome

Posted by Doctacosa on 22 April 2020 at 21:41 [Link]

You've asked, I've heard you: it's time for another round in the Spider Dome!

For those of you not familiar to the concept, we all go together to the Spider Dome arena, in the Nether, where multiple waves of mobs are summoned. You must then fight your way through them, or die trying! Any item drops are yours to keep. Special effects get added to the mix for an additional challenge!

To ensure that the challenge is scaled properly to everyone, science-type weapons and armors are forbidden. Bring in your best vanilla gear, some food, and face fear once again!

This will happen this Saturday, at 10pm Eastern time. See you then!

Updates in Horsemen areas, plus new addition!

Posted by Doctacosa on 20 April 2020 at 16:36 [Link]

Sora is back, and he's brought goodies for you! Some of this update recaps changes done in the past several weeks; keep on reading for a brand new addition! Take it over, Sora!

Alright boys and girls, time for some impromptu science fun in this time of quarantine!

Firstly, there's been some rebalancing done to the Barrows in Wychwood, the Snowhead Dungeon, and the Shattered Sands dungeon for some quality of life improvements; nothing explicitly new added here, but more so to ease things along as you try and do the areas.

Within Wychwood, the 8 Barrows now have small villages linked by paths to the Castle of Famine, which then give you a nod in the right direction for finding the Barrow Trees. The Barrow Spirits can also now be found in these villages, along with shulker zones; the Spirits also now have a few new trades! The barrows themselves have been altered slightly to make re-fighting the barrow brothers a bit easier; just pop open their casket and they respawn! Speaking of Wychwood, there's more planned for these woods, keep an eye out... it's in the works....

Snowhead doesn't have a ton of new shiny changes, just mostly increases to a lot of drop rates. Normal sailing here!

Shattered Sands has seen the majority of the changes here; Crest and key drop rates have been increased for all 4 outposts, each area's Key Guardian mask can be traded in for extra shards of that particular god, extra Dormant Fragment drops have been added to each boss room, the drop rate for the Boss Shards for Telos's Door Carvings have also been increased. Telos himself has seen some major upgrades; Telos, the Warden (as well as his new friends) drop Anima Fragments, both a guaranteed drop and a chance for more drops across all of them (the Hope Nibblers included with Telos, the Warden also now have a chance at dropping Dormant Fragments), there's also three new paths for Telos's second fight, Enraged 100%, Enraged 500%, and Enraged 1000%. 100% is the unaltered Enraged fight that's long been there, while 500% increase both in difficulty and in drop rate for Anima and the Dormant Weapons. We've heard your pleas for mercy, know now that we are benevolent in our tortures!

More importantly, a new sub-area has opened inside (under?) Shoals of the Departed for you folks with the Elder Artifact - The Mirror, and nothing but time on your hands, The Realm of Darkness! I'll say little else on this, but I'm sure anyone can figure out what treasure awaits them here, by checking out the topics on our new Resources Forum!

Jump down this hole and have some fun.


Easter egg hunt this weekend!

Posted by Doctacosa on 8 April 2020 at 22:36 [Link]

Easter happens to be next weekend, and we've got an Easter egg hunt in store for you!

Available during next Events Night, for 24 hours, the Easter egg hunt event will have you following clues and riddles to find your way across a given area. There will be a prize at the end for anyone who makes it through! The location of the event will be announced when it begins.

Rumor has it that an extra challenge will be available during the same time period for those with a fighting side in them. I wonder what that would be...

To participate, join us next Events Night, starting at 9pm Eastern time on Saturday. This will run for a full 24 hours and you can come in at any time.

Happy hunting!

Your suggestions on what to feature!

Posted by Doctacosa on 6 April 2020 at 23:22 [Link]

Our social media folks for Instagram and YouTube, JRandomizer and Mikey respectively, are looking for your feedback on what they should feature on both platforms! Maybe there's a cool build that you think everyone deserves to see? Or something of your own that you want to share? Or is there an upcoming event that you'd like to see covered? This is your chance!

Request an Instagram showcase

Request a YouTube presentation

Maybe you follow the Creeper's Lab on Instagram and would like to be followed back? If so, fill out this form today!

To wrap this up, if you've got something relevant on Twitter that you think needs to be shared with the world, ping @creeperslab and we'll happily retweet it!

Forums upgrade!

Posted by Doctacosa on 2 April 2020 at 20:48 [Link]

Our long-standing forums have received a massive upgrade yesterday! On the menu: a modernized look, new convenience features and full mobile support, making them easier to use! This is a good place to have longer discussions than a chat simple format, keep up with the news, comment on them, send an offline message to another player, and more. I invite you to read the full announcement for the details.

Most notably, the Minecraft player profiles have received a visual refresh along with some new additions. If you've explored the Lost Woods, you might have seen golden skulltulas scattered around. You can now see right from your profile which ones you've found! Login and view your progress now!

This is a major step in bringing existing features to the next level. More work along these lines will be happening in the coming weeks and months, so be on the lookout for that!

XP traders in Rodinia and Gondwana

Posted by Doctacosa on 29 March 2020 at 15:33 [Link]

Laurasia already has traders to allow you to "cash in" 10, 30, 60 or 100 levels and obtain a matching amount of XP bottles in return. This gives you a chance to store levels for later use, or use your current experience points to repair any equipment with the Mending effect on it. As a reminder, in Laurasia, you'll find these in the basement of Doctacosa's Study, at the Creeper Citadel. There's also an option to cash in 200 levels to obtain a Merit Voucher.

To get the other survival servers on the same footing, Rodinia and Gondwana (which have separate experience levels) now have their own traders as well. In Rodinia, visit the basement of the Community Center at Point Zero. In Gondwana, you'll find them at Keystone City, at the left of the stairs from the spawn point.

Rodinia location

Gondwana location

Along the same lines, the special book to customize armor stands can now be obtained directly in both Rodinia and Gondwana as well, next to the XP traders. Remember that what we've taken to calling pixie dust books are fragile: if you disconnect or change worlds while holding one in your inventory or ender chest, it'll become unusable. Your best bet is to get a book per world then store it somewhere in a regular chest. If you accidentally break one, burn it and go get another copy.

On the topic of science areas, new reference topics have been added to the forums recently. The trades offered at Moosemart are now listed, plus the list of items displayed in the Cavern of Science. The Challenge Areas listing is still available, of course.

Additionally, Twixxi made a reference with all the Public Farms available on the servers. If you know of one that wasn't included, get in touch with her!

Endpoint cities contest results!

Posted by Doctacosa on 22 March 2020 at 0:17 [Link]

The endpoint cities contest has wrapped up, our judges (xLordItachix, Rebbica007, Mikey_el16, Connovan) went across all eight cities to score each entry, and it's now time to announce the results! Here's each entrant with their total amount of points.

Top winner

First place bracket
ROEN_44: 214.5
axe_y: 211.5

Second place bracket
GingeKoda: 210.5
Pteryx: 200.5
Doctacosa: 190
Coneva: 158

Third place bracket
Twixxi_: 100
bandr500: 78.5
Manly_Whiskers: 56.5

Other participants
MerderMerl: 28
PuppetMstrRoxas: 28
JRandomizer: 27.5
BroItsTag: 23

CanadianAce2016: Incomplete
Connovan - Judge
Rebbica007 - Judge

The contest results page has a slightly different layout due to the format on this contest, featuring a single screenshot for each city. You're encouraged to go tour them and visit each entry! Each endpoint city now has a TARDIS and a Nether portal (in Rodinia), making travel easier. Alternatively, use the overworld rails and enjoy the scenery!

Each participant will have their Merit Points within a few minutes. To obtain your vouchers and mystery science bundles, please contact xLordItachix in-game! Congrats everyone!

As a reminder, the Merit Points you earn can be used for various perks! Flight, keep inventory, invisibility, TARDIS access, weather control, and doubled XP drops! You can type /points in-game to view your current score and to use them to enable the perks. More information here.

Merit Vouchers are used to get access to special items, heads of key players in the Creeper's Lab history, items from past events and more! Visit the fifth floor of Moosemart to view the full list, there's bound to be something you'll like!

March update

Posted by Doctacosa on 3 March 2020 at 23:56 [Link]

A new challenge is now available in the lobby! UHC makes a return, this time in a hilly, northern setting. As a reminder, you can earn 5 Merit Points for completing each of these tasks:

  • Crafting a bookshelf
  • Crafting an enchantment table
  • Accessing the Nether
  • Picking up a blaze rod

You can then use these points for various perks like flight, keep inventory, End of Time access, and more!

This month at the Hunter's Lodge, a powerful Warlock looms large over his territory. Defeating him will net you Magic Shards, which can be traded for valuable items!

Don't forget that the building contest has been extended! You have a bit less than two weeks to go; get busy to populate these new towns and create some interesting scenery!

Keep inventory on Horsemen areas; contest extension

Posted by Doctacosa on 23 February 2020 at 0:21 [Link]

Some of you have noticed it already, and now it's official: all the science and Horsemen areas now have the keep inventory flag attached to them! While this means that you won't lose your inventory or experience levels upon dying, the latter areas still have a high difficulty level, so make sure you're prepared! To keep the challenge level in specific areas and bosses, keep inventory does NOT apply. These will be marked before you enter them.

Likewise, a few areas don't allow you to use the flight perk gained by using Merit Points; these are also labelled before entering. If you've got an active flight perk, it'll be automatically disabled and will not be given back to you once you exit.

Many of you have been enjoying the current building contest at the endpoint towns, but creating 8 builds within a month has proven to be a bit much. After consulting with Sora, and to give you a chance at really populating all these new towns, we're granting you an extension until 15 March. Happy building!

February update

Posted by Doctacosa on 1 February 2020 at 18:27 [Link]

Here are a few updates on what's new for February!

First of all, the Race Away challenge has wrapped up in Kenorland. Here are the final list of runners and their best positions!

Doctacosa: 30111
Kagato: 27573
axe_y: 10659
BoxBuilder45: 8798
NICKW6499: 5264
MineshaftBob: 4450
CruelNate: 3443
Sepahbod: 2908
Lunaar_Dust: 2484
Twixxi_: 2460
Mlhrj5: 2440
GingeKoda: 2329
butterbum: 2272
Connovan: 2211
Coneva: 2211
xedre: 2155
xLordItachix: 1549
Pteryx: 868
Manly_Whiskers: 858
groovybanana: 600
x AlexTheTrain: 546
chunil756: 492
Bnice2max: 483
Primagen: 453
Saffronflyer396: 424
EnchantedKing: 116
ADeshantis: 116
Sxnflxxwer: 106
MonsterEats: 56
Darth_Roxas456: 52
DexTAD: 42
Venemousspyro10: 36
Raegal: 13
GoomyGoma: 2

All have earned Merit Points based on their position. That is, Doctacosa (hi!) got 34 points, followed by Kagato with 33, all the way down to GoomyGoma with 1.

Next up, a new challenge! You've been punching blocks for days, months or even years, without consequences. However, the blocks have grown tired of that behavior, and they've decided to fight back! Do you have what it takes to tame them and still be create a build that you'll proud of?

There's no set target for this month's challenge, except enjoying yourself at trying out something new. Everyone who attempts it will be given 5 Merit Points by the end of the month.

At the Hunter's Lodge, the new raid boss is Jack Torrence and Red Rum. If you'd rather fight someone else, remember that you can now use Merit Vouchers to gain access to a special room where you can select any boss of your choosing at any time!

As it was mentioned in passing with the announcement of the new building contest, Events Nights are getting extended to both Rodinia and Gondwana! They've both gained a new TARDIS near their spawn locations, which allows you to head directly to the four endpoint towns of each world. The opposite is also true, of course.

Additionally, keep inventory will now be in effect in Rodinia's overworld and Nether during Events Nights, just like in Laurasia. In keeping with Gondwana's hard mode challenge, this will NOT apply over there!


New building contest: Endpoint cities!

Posted by Doctacosa on 31 January 2020 at 22:15 [Link]

This slightly different formula isn't a direct competition against other builders, but more of a score attack event: you can build up to eight entries, one per town, and you get points for the quality of each build. Then, your final rank is determined by adding up each entry's score. This means that everyone can win prizes if they apply themselves enough!

You can easily reach any of the building sites using the main rails that have recently been completed on each world.

Here's Sora with the full details!

It's contest time again!

This time, we're looking towards two worlds that don't get much attention these days, Rodinia and Gondwana!

Unlike Laurasia, these two worlds have never had cities or towns in their farthest four directions; that's where you come in! The objective will be to build up these 8 cities into something substantial, each city having its own theme based on its location.

Each city is at the end of the mainline rails of the world's four cardinal directions; or for simpler reference, endpoint cities.

Event date: Feb. 1st -> Feb. 29th

Boreas: Underground mining town
Notus: Underwater City
Euros: Desert City
Zephyrus: Mountainous NPC Village

Xanthi: Coastal Savannah City
Troezen: Mountainous City
Heraklion: Floating City
Miletus: Mesa City

Judging Criteria

  1. Attention to Theme
  2. Use of terrain
  3. Creativity of Design

One plot per person per town, for a max of 8 separate entries per person - no joining with a main account and an alt! Each entry is judged out of 10 points per criteria, and perfect score is 30 points per entry.

In addition to the contest, event night is being brought to Rodinia and Gondwana, with their own TARDIS network linked to the endpoint contest cities. Cities will be accessible for free-build after the end of the contest.

Boreas - Builds can go deeper, but not touch the glass ceiling
Notus - Builds should not pass the water's surface
Heraklion - Builds should not go below the water's surface more than 1 block

Reward Tiers:

  • 3rd Place Between 50 and 130 Points
  • 2nd Place Between 131 and 210 Points
  • 1st Place Between 211 and 240 Points
  • Highest scoring person earns an extra reward - S rank mystery science item


  • First Place: 50 Merit Points. 5 Merit Vouchers. A rank mystery science bundle*
  • Second Place: 30 Merit Points. 4 Merit Vouchers. B rank mystery science bundle*
  • Third Place: 10 Merit Points. 3 Merit Voucher. C rank mystery science bundle*
  • Judges: 5 Merit Points. 1 Merit Voucher. (Volunteers welcome! Three positions open)

* Science bundles will contain both combat and non-combat items, everyone will benefit!

New: posable armor stands

Posted by Doctacosa on 22 January 2020 at 22:12 [Link]

Researcher's journal, 22 January 2020

Research on the human body has been progressing well. The latest experiments have yielded new results to reinforce the previous hypotheses, while new side effects have also been uncovered. These effects have been positive overall, opening up new possibilities on the core subject. I've taken to applying these findings to mannikins emulating human shapes, and after some adaptations, they've molded themselves to my needs. The next steps will continue under my supervision.

There seems to be an endless supply of volunteers willing to participate in these experiments, thankfully. Another win for science!

A common request lately has been a way to customize armor stands. It's possible with staff-only commands, but while the stands themselves have a lot of possibilities, most of these are not accessible through standard survival gameplay rules.

To give everyone a chance at having more controls over the stands, I've introduced a special book that allows you to change any of a stand's properties. This includes adding arms to hold items, removing the base plate, posing them, or even making them invisible entirely so that only held items are shown.

You can now go to Doctacosa's Study, at the Citadel, and access the research room in the basement. It's located in front of the exp lab. There, you'll find a button to give you a copy of the book to bend armor stands to your will.

To use it, stand next to the armor stand you want to change. Then, to confirm you've got the right one, open the book and click on "Check target". The active stand will get a white glow for a few seconds. From there, you can reopen the book and change any of the stand's properties with a few clicks.

This should go without saying, but you should only change the armor stands that belong to you. To limit the risks, the button to dispense the book is only available to trusted players.

Note that these books are powered by pixie dust, and as such are very fragile. If you happen to disconnect while holding them, change servers, or leave them in an enderchest, they will lose their magic. The only safe storage spaces are chests and item frames. Should a book stop working, burn that copy and go claim another one at the Citadel.

Minecraft 1.15.2 released, update now!

Posted by Doctacosa on 22 January 2020 at 0:17 [Link]

Minecraft 1.15.2 has been released toda- yesterday with a variety of bug fixes and improvements, and the Creeper's Lab has made the jump too! Update your game client to be able to join anywhere beyond the lobby!

Two notable changes are taking place for us. First, the Wandering Traders are being disabled across all servers. They have been an ongoing source of server lag since their introduction, for few benefits in return. Those interested in their trades (or their llamas!) will find them available at Moosemart.

Second, a bug fix worth mentioning is about furnace minecarts. They will no longer lose their speed after turning corners, making them useful once again!

The map plugin itself hasn't been updated yet. While you can still view the maps as usual, they won't show player positions or new changes until its author has a new release available. This will probably take a few days.

UPDATE: The maps are back in working order!

Merit Points updates and new perks!

Posted by Doctacosa on 13 January 2020 at 23:03 [Link]

Available today is a fairly large revamp to the Merit Points system. Here's everything that's now available for all to use!

While the points used to available for cash-in during Events Nights only, we're expanding this to the whole week, with a new costs structure! First, what was already available by using /points PERK:

flight - flight: Get the ability to fly for 15 minutes.

xp - XP boost: Double the XP that mobs drop for the next 30 minutes.

As a convenience, at the end of a flight period, you'll now be gently let down instead of crashing instantly to the floor.

These are joined by four new perks:

keepinv - Keep inventory: Single use. You keep your current inventory and levels if you die. If Events Night is ongoing, this won't be used up.

invis - invisibility: You get to be invisible for 30 minutes. This is great for outdoors builders in unprotected areas, as monsters won't attack unless you're very close or outright hit them.

tardis - TARDIS: Single use. Sends you instantly to the End of Time so you can exit at any location. Make sure you're somewhere on Laurasia before using this!

weather - Weather: Clear the rain and keep it that way for at least 15 minutes.

Most of these stay with you through disconnects and server changes, except the clear weather option as it's set per world. All of these are available 24/7 at the cost of 2 Merit Points, except the End of Time access which is worth 4. During Events Night, these prices get slashed by half!

Also new are Merit Vouchers: for 10 points, you can gain a Merit Voucher which can be exchanged for many things. Visit the fifth floor of Moosemart, at the Creeper Citadel, to get vouchers and view the full range of trades. This includes replicas of past event items, shortcut items for those exploring the science areas, cosmetic costumes of science mobs, heads of previous staff members, and even some exclusive items! You can head directly to the Hunter's Lodge to access any of the existing raid bosses, too.

Future draws for various items, real and digital, will also happen where the Merit Vouchers will be used as participation tickets. This replaces the end-of-the-year prizes that were offered previously to the players with the most points.

How to get points

All this is fine, but how does one get points? This is detailed on the Merit Points page. To summarize, there are three main sources:

  • Vote for us every day! Enter /vote in-game, or get the links from the Help page.
  • Participate in the monthly challenges in the lobby.
  • Enter our various building contests!

Remember that you can vote for us every day, even if you're not interested in the points themselves: voting gives us more visibility and helps to attract new players. Give us a hand whenever you can, it's free and quick for you to do!

Rules update

Posted by Doctacosa on 9 January 2020 at 23:54 [Link]

The rules for the network have been expanded and clarified a bit based on recent feedback.

Most notably, what was an unwritten guideline has been formalized: religion and politics discussions are now frowned upon. While both can make for fascinating exchanges, they can also be very divisive. We're here to have fun, not to argue endlessly at each other, so this isn't the place for these.

Additionally, we had a long-standing policy against Endermen farms in the End. Since there are many other sources of exp nowadays, that restriction is gone. As a reminder, Laurasia's End gets reset periodically, so any permanent structures should go in Rodinia's End.

The in-game /rules command will be updated accordingly at each server's next restart.

Challenge: Race Away!

Posted by Doctacosa on 2 January 2020 at 12:30 [Link]

Get your best running shoes, remember your New Year's Resolution about making more exercise, and let's race race race!

This month's challenge is Race Away, accessible from the lobby as always. The goal is to run straight East, to get to the highest X coordinate possible during the month. If you die, you get sent back all the way to the beginning with no inventory, so be careful! The world available to you this time around is rich in some resources, but notably lacks a floor. Beware of any missteps... You can move between -1000 and 1000 on the Z axis. Due to a lower amount of food than usual being available, your hunger will slowly refill over time.

Merit Points will be given to the top runners based on their respective, top positions. For example, the last person will get 1 point, next-to-last 2, and so on up to the top runner getting an amount of points equal to the amount of participants. A minimum of 10 points will be offered to the winner.

Good luck!

A new raid boss will be available later today at the Hunter's Lodge. This time, the dreaded Nyx is to be challenged!

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