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Building sites

This is the list of public, themed building areas that you can join at any time. Please check below if there are any building restrictions before you get started! If you have additional questions, the main contact for each area is listed.

Unless otherwise noted, you own your building area from bedrock to sky limit. If lot limits are drawn, with fences or otherwise, you must stay within the the limits of your lot.

In themed areas, you're allowed to make multiple entries as you wish. However, any builds that are off-topic or obviously incomplete are subject to be removed after two months of inactivity.


Bloodstone Map link

Survivors settlement The goal is to make smaller-sized builds, around 12x12, created out of scavenged items. Lighting should be minimal as there is no electricity in a post-apocalyptic world! Skreelink

Bridges Map link

Bridges The bridges must link two platforms. There must be a way to get from one side of the other, by walking or rail. Doctacosa

Central Map link

None Avoid deep basements in Central, most of the underground is already taken. Doctacosa

Halfway Map link

Forest At least one tree must be featured in the build. No obsidian, netherbrick, netherrack, nether wart, soul sand, fire or lava must be used. Builds must reach a maximum of 25 blocks high from the ground's surface. SorathePumpking, xLordItachix

Iscapades Map link

Ice castles The definition of "castle" is loose and left up to you. The majority of the outside must be made of ice and snow; glass, iron and quartz may be used for detailing. A secret must be hidden inside, somehow! The ground size of builds must be limited to 25x25 blocks. Northern rail → Lily Keep → "Coneva does testifiscience". On exiting the Nether, travel South across the water. GingeKoda

Minetropolis Map link

Skyscrapers It's recommended to avoid underground work as Minetropolis's underground is busy. As a guideline, avoid going more than 4 blocks down. No wooden doors must be used. Buildings must reach at least Y=120, but musn't go over Y=165. SorathePumpking or xLordItachix

Muncie Map link

Nether Doctacosa, WindRider739

Levansk Map link

Mid 20th century European city Four districts have been defined, builds should try to match their themes although departures are allowed. Multiple lots can be claimed, each one is around 20x20. Vertically, you're allowed to go between y=45 to y=85. Offbrand Neo

Oak Hills Map link

Fancy houses Lots are 20x20. Doctacosa

Spruce Hills Map link

Christmas village Lots are 25x25. Doctacosa

Stirburgh Map link

Medieval castle town Builds should look like they belong in a fictional, semi-realistic medieval setting. No lots are defined, players are invited to select their own building sites and mark them accordingly. The same goes for additional streets, as needed. Doctacosa

Stone Ville Map link

Disaster city The builds must look damaged, or ruined. Doctacosa

Trains Map link

Trains! Only the existing lots, inside or outside, must be used. Skreelink

West Halfway Map link

Hell town Fire and/or lava must be included in some aspect of the build. No oak / birch logs or associated items must be used, along with leaves or water. Builds must reach a maximum of 25 blocks high from the ground's surface. SorathePumpking, xLordItachix

Windgrabah Map link

Middle-Eastern / Indian, desert Doctacosa, WindRider379

Woodhollow Map link

Creepy / spooky / scary / macabre The lots have non-standard shapes of various sizes; try to stay within the fences. Overhang of leaves and similar are acceptable as long as they don't interfere with your neighbors. Builds must be a maximum of approximately 20 blocks high from the lowest point. MediaKlepto, SorathePumpking


Heraklion Map link

Floating city Builds should not go below the water's surface by more than one block. xLordItachix

Miletus Map link

Mesa city xLordItachix

Troezen Map link

Mountainous city xLordItachix

Xanthi Map link

Coastal Savannah city xLordItachix


Boreas Map link

Underground Mining town Builds can be of any depth but cannot touch the glass ceiling xLordItachix

Euros Map link

Desert city xLordItachix

Notus Map link

Underwater city Builds must not go past the water's surface xLordItachix

Zephyrus Map link

Mountainous NPC village xLordItachix



Parkour Lobby → Minigames → Parkour. There's a side door to access the building area. Doctacosa