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Tenth Anniversary!

Posted by Doctacosa on 11 November 2021 at 20:33 [Link]

Can you believe it? As of today, the Creeper's Lab has been officially live for 10 years!! What a ride it has been. Many of you have been around for just a few months, while a few rare ones have been here since the first weeks. No matter in which category you fall in, I'd like to offer you a big thank you for making this corner of the Internet the success it has been!

The past year has been a busy one, as always! Here are some things worth noting:

Such a landmark anniversary can't wrap up too quickly, though! As such, I'm excited to announce a full week worth of updates, starting tomorrow! If you were already here five years ago, you have an idea what to expect: daily updates including new features, updates and announcements. Make sure to tune in tomorrow for the first one! Also, reserve your Saturday night - we'll be having a special event at 10pm Eastern time, an hour after Events Night begins!!

For now, some of you might be interested to see how much a server can evolve over time. I've prepared a video showing the progression of Central's core areas between launch day and now! I'm having trouble uploading it to our YouTube channel, so you can access it here for now. Use the password "creeper".

Can we do ten more years? I'd sure like to think so! Tune in tomorrow for the first of seven days of updates!

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