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Introducing Interordi Accounts

Posted by Doctacosa on 15 June 2021 at 23:15 [Link]

To help new and old players alike to manage their profiles more easily, I'm happy to introduce today Interordi Accounts!

This new tool becomes the entry point of any new potential players, giving them a simplified interface to register and edit their accounts. It's also available to everyone else, of course! All registration guides will now point to this.

The eventual goal is that any tool on the Creeper's Lab (or the wider Interordi network) that requires a login will rely on Interordi Accounts. For now, this includes the whitelist, forums and some staff tools. The wiki will eventually adopt them, too.

For those already familiar with the forums, you can access your account from there, as usual, with the full range of features.

More functionality will be added over time!


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