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Try the collectibles system!

Posted by Doctacosa on 21 January 2021 at 19:35 [Link]

You're playing through the science areas, collecting items, storing them carefully, but you have a creeping thought in your mind: "Did I skip something by mistake?"

Thanks to StTheo, we now have a solution for all the collectors out there! As you might know, you can visit the Cavern of Science, under the Creeper Citadel, to see the full list of items that can be obtained. As of today, you can bring a shulker box and sheets of paper to the cavern, tap the box against one of the chests, and obtain a blank copy of its content! You can then bring that back home, replace the named sheets of paper with your actual items, and view your current progress. It's like filling a collectibles album, one item at a time!


Here's the full details on how this works, courtesy of StTheo.

I've written a plugin that should help those organizing and collecting science items. With it, you can potentially organize your own Cavern of Science with shulker boxes, with placeholder "cards" in place of actual items as you try to gather them.

To use this tool:

  • Grab an empty shulker box and a stack of paper.
  • Go to the Cavern of Science and find the chest with the items you would like to start collecting.
  • Put your shulker box in your main-hand slot and punch the chest with it (like you would with a protected chest).

The results:

  • You'll get a text and sound notification.
  • Your shulker box will be renamed to match the sign closest to the chest.
  • The contents of the box will be papers whose names and lore match the items in the chest, in the same positions as in the chest.
  • The number of papers added to the shulker box will be subtracted from your inventory. If you had 64 paper and hit a chest with 16 item stacks in it, you would be left with 48 paper.
  • To distinguish between real items and replicas, unique metadata from the original item is listed as an with the following codes:
    • Aqua: Enchantment
    • Blue: Attribute Modifiers
    • Dark Purple: Potion/Arrow Effects

This will only work if:

  • You are in the Cavern of Science.
  • You have as many papers in your inventory as item stacks in the chest. One stack of 16 items still just requires one paper.
  • Your shulker box is empty.
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