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Building areas for beginners

Posted by Doctacosa on 27 January 2021 at 22:46 [Link]

A common complaint from new players is the difficulty of locating new building grounds in Laurasia. Sure, there is plenty of land available, but finding your way when you're a new beginner is more difficult.

To help with this, we're adding today on Laurasia two new Nether lines dedicated to beginners. Reachable directly from the spawn platform, or the basement of Grand Central Station, these two let people get to a nice variety of untouched biomes. Each destination can be reached in less than five minutes!

To make it even simpler, these new lines are separate from the main Nether rail network, so people can't get lost. Once an area is developed enough, its rail will get removed from the beginners section and get redirected to the main network. I'm asking our established players not to use these - you know where you can look, so you don't need it! Instead, please leave this for the convenience of newcomers. If you see someone new asking for directions, suggest this as a good starting point!

Related, I'm introducing today a new /minecart command. By using this, you will obtain a minecart immediately. This should be useful if you happen to get stranded far away. To prevent any abuse, you can only use this command once every 24 hours.

This is now live on Laurasia and will be extended to the other servers soon!


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