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Monthly challenges update: October 2021

Posted by Doctacosa on 2 October 2021 at 0:40 [Link]

It's our favorite season: pumpkin spice everything October and the upcoming Halloween. This is a long update with several key things, so I suggest you take the time to read through so you don't miss anything!

In this update:

  • Kenorland, a seasonal challenge - The Night of Fright
  • The Horsemen Guild is open for applications!
  • Hunter's Lodge
  • Horsemen Quests
  • Guilds tasks

Kenorland: Welcome Back To the Night of Fright!

By popular demand, ghouls, ghosts and other demons, we welcome you to our 2021 Halloween Gathering event.

Make your way to Creeper's Lab Monthly Challenge world, Kenorland, accessed from the Lobby under the Challenge archway. Your goal: the Horsemen crave destruction and have once again recruited YOU to help tear this new location apart! Due to the high targets, you're highly encouraged to work in teams of up to three players.

As with last year, once the event ends, the world will be inventory synced with the main survival worlds; everything obtained is yours to keep! This year's world has a particular abundance of 1.17 materials!

This event will last from today, October 1st 2nd through October 23rd at 11:59pm EST. Inventory sync will be activated as soon as prize tallies have been completed, and last until October 31st 11:59pm EST!

Each player will receive a book that contains a list of the Destruction Objectives for the event, as well as the Horseman Point values each team can earn for the objectives. Each team member will receive the listed amount for each objective finished at the end of the event!

If your team manages to complete all the objectives, your rewards will be doubled! All participants will also receive a complementary 2021 Halloween Pumpkin Mask!

The Horseman Point prizes can be used with various traders around science; a warp to a special gathering of these traders is available via the Transhub in central, for easy viewing, as well as a button in the citadel!

The Collection Platform is located beneath the spawn hub. Label an area with (up to) the 3 team member's usernames, and setup chests to hold each objective. Only items on the designated team's platform will count for prizes.

Several mild Challenge Mobs will be spread across the world, noted by their visible name. Defeat these mobs to claim their equipment for your own or gain a Nether Star!

Some areas around the world may be protected, these locations may contain the challenge mobs and/or entrances to unique locations. If you see something out of place, go explore!

Lost your way? Use the provided Compass to always find your way back to the spawn hub!

Once the event ends, the event world will be inventory synced with the main survival worlds; everything obtained is yours to keep! Make sure you empty your inventory and Ender Chest before your final visit!

Destruction Objectives

  • 3 double chests of Terracotta (any colors, can be mixed, must be full stacks) - 2 Horseman Points
  • 3 double chests of Dirt - 2 Horseman Points
  • 3 double chests of Sand - 2 Horseman Points
  • 2 double chests of Cobblestone - 2 Horseman Points
  • 2 double chests of Slime Block - 2 Horseman Points
  • 2 double chests of Deepslate - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Mossy Cobblestone - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Netherrack - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Calcite - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Tuff - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Blue Ice - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Moss - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Prismarine - 2 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Raw Copper Block - 3 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Raw Iron Block - 3 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Raw Gold Block - 3 Horseman Points
  • 1 double chest of Amethyst Block - 3 Horseman Points
  • 64 Honey Blocks - 4 Horseman Points
  • 64 Crying Obsidian - 4 Horseman Points
  • 64 Emerald Blocks - 4 Horseman Points
  • 1 Tengu Mask + 1 King Tut Mask - 4 Horseman Points
  • 64 Diamond Blocks - 5 Horseman Points
  • 64 Ancient Debris - 5 Horseman Points

The Horsemen Guild is open for applications!

Ever wanted to join the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Well now you can!

In order to join the guild as a Horseman Acolyte, you must accumulate Acolyte Tokens. Acolyte Tokens can be obtained in two ways: vote for 20 days within the month, AND/OR host an event/contest for the month. You will only receive one token per task for that month.

Check the Horseman Island at the Citadel, a new button is available at the center of the island!

What to do with the tokens... buy an ID badge! Acolyte ID badges cost 10 Acolyte Tokens. Your ID badge will grant you access to the Horsemen Guild Hall, Exclusive Acolyte armor set and weapon, Acolyte-only Token trades, Discounted Horseman Point trades, Acolyte only PVP and event areas and more!

The status of Acolyte will display on the forum profile as well! (Editor's note: Soon™) Acolytes also get access to the Horsemen Guild public discord, with exclusive news feed for up and coming events and features.

Working with a specific Horseman is as easy as ever! Bring your blank ID badge to the Horseman Island leaving it like you would a submitted quest! Contact the Horseman of your choosing to ensure you get a stamped badge. Doing this makes you an Acolyte of that specific Horseman. This will also change the status on the forum profile!

Having a Stamped Acolyte ID will give bonus Acolyte Tokens for doing your Horseman's Quests (must provide with your quest items!), access to Horseman-themed Cosmetic Overrides for the Apocalyptic Anima Core and the Acolyte armour sets, Acolyte exclusive events and Horseman Quest Material Vaults! There may be an armor upgrade accessible as well!

Don't want to stick to the same Horseman forever? No problem! Changing between Horseman will cost 10 Acolyte Tokens. Make sure to reach out to your current Horseman as well as your new Horseman to receive your ID badge back, and get it re-stamped!

To apply and gain Acolyte Tokens for a given month, press the 'Token Application' button within the Acolyte room of the Horseman Island at the Citadel. Use the nearby anvil to add your name to the title, and submit it to the chest.

At the end of the month, if you've fulfilled one or both of the requirements for the Acolyte Quests, you will receive your rewards via Post Office Box!


WHO DARES DISTURB MY SLUMBER?! Spooky Season Returns! Join the Ancient Pharaoh and his minions along with other famous scary characters! The Monster Mash returns with a new addition to their ranks! Be sure to stop by! Happy Haunting!

All Horsemen Quests have also been updated. See the Horseman Points Guide for an in-depth look at the quests, points, and how to cash them in!


As with every new month, the guilds have new targets. You have until the end of this month to complete them and claim your tokens!

New apprentices, you start in Laurasia's Guild in Central, then gather points to work your way up to Rodinia, Superia, then Gondwana. Everyone else, all four guildhalls are now available to you, should you have unlocked the access.

Once you have been granted the rank of Master, you can obtain Council Tokens from the Master Guilds in Gondwana. These can be traded for special rewards back at the Council Chamber, at the Creeper Citadel. Each guild on each world also has its own range of rewards, so browse through to find what catches your eye!

If you need details on any of these, the wiki page about the Monthly Challenges is updated as soon as each of these is ready at the beginning of the month!

This was quite a lot, wasn't it? Credit this month goes to Reb, Sora and Twixxi who keep building new content and targets to keep our Test Subjects busy - this place wouldn't be the same without your efforts!

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