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15 November 2023 at 23:33
Misc. updates
From Doctacosa

Let's follow up on a few things, including the end of our Halloween event and the current hunt for achievements!

Our Halloween event has wrapped up with a grand total of 35 participants. Of these, about half managed to complete the main museum display and earn the maximum amount of Merit Points available! It's fair to say that this has been a great success. Thanks again to Reb and Sora for setting this one up! If you haven't done so yet, remember to go pick up your inventory in Seasonal - you have until Sunday to do so.

Meanwhile, the hunt of achievements rages on! Not all of them have been discovered as of this writing. A few of them might have given you trouble: the main stats tracking plugin had an issue detecting the items used if you happened to hold something in your off hand at the same time. Laurasia will be restarted overnight to fix this. If you had trouble with item-related targets, please try again after this!

Some of you have requested methods to better sort through the list of achievements now that there are 200 of them. Osmium has these! For an example, you can look at my own profile. On top of the list of achievements are controls to sort the list of achievements or filter their earned / not earned status, making it easier to find what you're looking for. Additionally, the update time for Creeper's Lab data has been reduced to 30 minutes only, so it will be up to date much more often. Give it a try!

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