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12 November 2023 at 19:09
50 more achievements to score!
From Doctacosa

It's been entirely too long since the last update, but here we are at last: 50 new achievements are now waiting for you to score them, making for a grand total of 200!

That's right, an extra fifty targets are now live for you to hunt down at your leisure.

As always, you get the achievements for completing various tasks across the survival servers, some more obvious than others. Achievements are announced every 30 minutes in-game.

You can follow your progression from your player profile. You can also use the new platform Osmium to track this, along with your GOG and Steam achievements! Improved viewing tools are currently being planned to make this even better.

Those who have been around the longest in the community might remember that we used to have 150 achievements, which were scaled back to 100 after some tracking issues. Some were brought back eventually, with 18 still missing. I'm happy to announce today that the lost 18 are all in, making the original set of 150 available once again!! If you already scored them previously, they're back in your profile as-is. If you didn't yet, well, what are you waiting for?

32 of the targets are new to everyone, so all players have something additional to do if they want to complete their set. There's a leaderboard to top!

Some of the older achievements have been updated at the same time. A few received new titles to become gender-neutral, while others had their targets rebalanced: for example, we have a lot more boats to explore now than before!

Of note, the tracking for several of these achievements was added only today. It's entirely possible that you already did some of the tasks, like going around Laurasia's outer Nether loop, but you will have to do it starting from now for it to count.

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