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22 October 2023 at 18:24
Event: Halloween 2023!
From Doctacosa

It's time for our yearly tradition of an Halloween event! Can you dig it? You better, because it involves archaeology!

This year's event takes place in Seasonal, which temporarily will take the place of Kenorland at the Challenge gate of the lobby.

The concept of the event goes as such: you start with a fresh inventory in a custom world, with the task of unearthing ancient artifacts at various digsites. Find these, complete a museum's display, face one extra final challenge, and make sure to have fun! An item shop within the world ensures that you'll have the equipment you need. An in-game guide will give you the full details.

Rewards include Merit Points, Horseman Points, Acolyte Tokens and extra perks for the Dreadnought Armor set, so you don't want to miss this!

Similar to past events, you have three weeks to play. After this, the challenge part will end while inventory sync will be enabled, allowing you to bring your supplies back home. As such, when you're done, make sure to empty your inventory and store it away securely!

This begins NOW and runs until the end of the day on November 12th. Then, you will have until November 19th to bring your goodies back home.

As for Race Away? Don't worry, the race is merely suspended - its final days will happen at the end of November, after this is over!

A special thanks to Reb and Sora for the long hours that went into preparing this!

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