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1 October 2023 at 23:02
Monthly challenges update: October 2023
From Doctacosa

Spooky month begins! Our traditional Halloween event will start later this month, so you can look forward to it. For now, you can turn your attention to:

  • Race Away
  • Hunter's Lodge
  • Horsemen Quests
  • Guilds tasks

Also, please note that we still have problems with the update to Minecraft 1.20.2. For now, Java players, use 1.20.1 for the best results.


Race Away makes a return in a brand new setting! This wetter location could cause slowdown on some computers, but I expect it to play well for most. You'll just have to try it for yourself!

For this special edition, the setting might see an update halfway through the challenge. Gather some valuables early on to prepare for whatever could happen. Good luck!

If you need a reminder, Race Away's goal is simple: start at 0,0 and make your way heading east, as far as you can within the month. Dying throws you all the way back to the beginning, so be careful!


Spooky Season is here! The monsters of times past have risen again to invade the Lodge. Make your way over to defeat the Monster Mash and the Ancient Pharaoh!

Don't forget that the Hunter's Lodge was rebalanced in 1.19, while the submission for Acolyte Tokens was moved to the lobby, in the survival wing, behind the creeper with the same name.


As with every new month, the guilds have new targets. You have until the end of this month to complete them and claim your tokens in each world! You can also continue progressing on Gondwana's Specialist tasks. The targets aren't to your liking? All players can now choose to drop suggestions in Laurasia's guildhall for the next month!

If you need details on any of these, the wiki page about the Monthly Challenges is updated as soon as each of these is ready at the beginning of the month!

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