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26 September 2023 at 20:57
The global Minecraft wiki has moved!
From Doctacosa

Consider this a general announcement for all Minecraft players: the main Minecraft wiki that many have come to rely on has moved to a new host! You'll now find it at

The move of the wiki away from Fandom aims to reduce the amount of irrelevant content, ads and open the door to more improvements. For more on the subject, you can read their own announcement and FAQ.

To save you the trouble of having to remember this new address, some people have developed a useful browser plugin that will automatically point you to the new location. You can install it then let it automatically redirect you to the new address and/or remove old links from your search results. Each feature is optional and it covers far more than Minecraft, so it can be useful to make sure you find the best information, as set by the fans. Give it a look!

Our own wiki, the Creeperpedia, remains at the same address.

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