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1 September 2023 at 7:57
Monthly challenges update: September 2023
From Doctacosa

We enter the period of Pumpkin Spice everything. Unfortunately, we can't have this taste ready for you in-game. Fortunately, we can still give you some challenges:

  • UHC encore
  • Hunter's Lodge
  • Horsemen Quests
  • Guilds tasks


Almost no one earned points in last month's Kenorland! Too high of a challenge for you, maybe? Then let's do an encore with different settings.

This month features the same world. The usual difficulty setting is a challenge in itself, so it has been lowered from hard to normal. If you wanted to try these worlds but never liked their settings, now's your chance! In exchange, a new surprise has been introduced into the mix - it will find you eventually. Now, go get those points!

As a reminder, your four goals - each completed one is worth 5 Merit Points:

  • Crafting a bookshelf
  • Crafting an enchantment table
  • Access the Nether
  • Pick up a blaze rod


The Balrog are coming, the Balrog are coming!

Sound the alarm, Nicholas Cage and his army of bees are trying to steal the Declaration of Independence while using the chaos of the Balrog. Come to the Hunter's Lodge to return the Declaration of Independence and stop the Balrog!

Don't forget that the Hunter's Lodge was rebalanced in 1.19, while the submission for Acolyte Tokens was moved to the lobby, in the survival wing, behind the creeper with the same name.


After a short closure for maintenance, the Hall of Masters has reopened in Gondwana. Those looking for a rebate on item trading can now access it again! Additionally, the suggestion boxes have been moved to the Laurasia guildhall and aren't limited to masters anymore. If there's a specific target you're hoping to see next month, submit it!

As with every new month, the guilds have new targets. You have until the end of this month to complete them and claim your tokens in each world! You can also continue progressing on Gondwana's Specialist tasks. The targets aren't to your liking? All players can choose to drop suggestions in Laurasia's guildhall for the next month!

If you need details on any of these, the wiki page about the Monthly Challenges is updated as soon as each of these is ready at the beginning of the month!

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Sadly i missed last months challenge due to weeks in Hospital ,Hopefully UHC will return soon as for me the essence of the challenge has been removed

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