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If you have both Java and Bedrock accounts, you can now choose to link them to carry a single inventory across both. This lets you keep on playing seamlessly from anywhere, without having to add both names to your in-game permissions! If you do this, you will use your Java identity everywhere. Here's how to do this:

  1. From your Java account, enter /linkaccount BEDROCK_NAME, without the tilde.
  2. From your Bedrock account, enter /linkaccount JAVA_NAME followed by the number provided in step 1.
  3. Bedrock will now disconnect. Make sure that Java is also disconnected, then you can connect using either at any time with a shared inventory and position in the network!
  4. If you want to break the link, enter /unlinkaccount from either account.

If you want to use your two accounts separately, for example to use one for playing and one for idling, or to be active in two different locations at once, you shouldn't use account linking.

No matter which option you pick, player statistics and achievement tracking will check across both accounts automatically.

I have also used this opportunity to add a new page on the website to regroup all of the relevant Bedrock player information, you will find it in the menu under the Basics section.


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