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Fancy houses contest - THE RESULTS!

Posted by Doctacosa on 17 June 2013 at 23:48 [Link]

First things first, thank you everyone who decided to enter our fancy houses contest! With 22 applicants, this event attracted many more players than I expected and is a clear success! Many people took the time to craft original buildings that showed a lot of creative thinking.

Three judges scored all houses from 0 to 10: Dr. Cossack, Sphenicus and WindRider739, based on the criterias outlined in the original announcement.

Without wasting any further time, THE WINNERS:
- First place: Texasmassacre - $20 giftcard
- Second place: Anonymous_SoFar - Diamond Sword with Looting III and Sharpness IV
- Third place: Phrogie - Diamond Pickaxe with Silk Touch I and Efficiency IV

You will all be contacted in-game in order to claim your prize. Congratulations! All entries, with their score and comments from our judges, can be viewed right here. Beware of the image-heavy page!

With the end of this contest, the town of Oak Hills is now available for all general construction work. If you have a house there, feel free to update it as you see fit; likewise, if you want to move there, you're welcomed to!

With the success of this, we're already looking at planning more contests in the future. As usual, keep an eye on this space for more information!

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Congratulations to everyone who participated! If anyone is curious my house was inspired by "Falling Water" Pennsylvania,
designed by world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The idea was given to me by one of my very best friends, who himself recently received a bachelors degree in architecture. My winnings will be use to purchase him a copy of Minecraft! special thanks to ellie and torc for helping me Sherpa thru the Nether for materials, And of course Doc for hosting the coolest virtual home away from home! Break out of the block, and build outside the box!

I thought that Asha's house was reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's work, but yours does have that flavor, come to think of it. All that time spent working on your lot paid off, at the end!

An architect playing Minecraft should be interesting. Be sure to send him this way if he's interested in any way in multiplayer! :)

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