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Reminder: Saturday nights are Events Nights!

Posted by Doctacosa on 28 June 2013 at 10:18 [Link]

I'd like to remind all players that Saturday nights are Events Nights!

Starting at around 9pm Eastern time and lasting a few hours, this is the time where teleporters are enabled around the server. This allows players to quickly move from one location to another to enjoy the various activities available, and do so without losing their inventories upon death. This is the perfect opportunity for those looking to join in group activities such as PvP battles, or achieve dangerous feats that they wouldn't dare to try otherwise such as the Nether Coaster!

Nether Coaster

If you want to hear more about what events are available, just ask us on the server!

While I have been busy for the past few weeks, leading to a few nights to start late or being outright cancelled, I'm back on track to make sure that everyone can enjoy this at it's fullest!

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1 comment

I never thought to try the nether coaster on an event night. Totally going to do that.

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