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21 February 2024 at 19:46
PSA: Interordi, not forum accounts!
From Doctacosa

This public service announcement is targeted at our long-time community members: when helping out new players with getting whitelisted, remember that they're creating an Interordi Account, not a forum one! In fact, the forums will now redirect you to the accounts page to add the Minecraft IDs.

Interordi Accounts were introduced over two years ago and are now the main entry point for newcomers. The clean, simple interface is easier to navigate and lets people do what they want right away instead of having to understand how the forums are structured.

As a wider refresher, Interordi Accounts are now used through the network as much as possible, so you need a single one if you have a Java and a Bedrock account. You can use it to contribute to our wiki (it's open to all!) or track your achievements through Osmium. Of course, they're also used for the forums themselves, come say hello!

You can access your Interordi Account to link it with Discord, granting you an extra red Validated mark. This lets everyone know that it is your real account. This could be used in the future for additional purposes, too. Plus, red marks are cooler than blue marks.

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