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8 August 2023 at 19:25
Menu reorganization
From Doctacosa

"Please listen closely as our menu options have recently changed."

The main menu for the website has been reorganized to make it easier to browse through. It was put together years ago with options being gradually added, with the whole losing clarity over time. This new version brings the most useful links front and center!

Those looking for information about our events and contests will now find a new "Events" section regrouping it all. If you're after your profile, achievements and general stats, "Profiles" has you covered. If you're going deep into science, guilds, farms and more, "Reference" is your place. I also took the opportunity to refresh a few pages that were out of date.

Thanks to Reb for the idea and the original concept!

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So, to view the maps, it went from a 2 click process, to a 3 click process?


Well, it depends how you choose to access them! Personally, since I use them all the time, I keep a bookmark to in my browser toolbar, so it's right there.

I also installed the Companion on my computer and have it pinned to the taskbar. This lets me access the maps in their own window instead of having to fish for them in the browser.

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