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20 February 2023 at 23:06
New affiliate: Siralan!
From Coneva

We're introducting today a new affilite server to the Creeper's Lab - Siralan! Run by Coneva, this new location aims to provide you a new feeling of survival adventure. Read on for some important details!

As The festivities of Seasonal wrap up (have you collected all the things yet?), a new adventure is joining Creeper’s Lab.

While some of you have been anticipating the return of an RP style game, instead, Coneva has launched a different sort of challenge. Located in the Affiliate Wing of the Lobby is a new Server named Siralan.

Siralan is the home of Dobrodruzstvi, a nomad seeking to establish a new city, and he needs your help. You are welcome to join as yourself or in a character role, if you so desire, to take on this world. There is a lot to discover, and new challenges to overcome.

Things to bear in mind are that the chat will be linked with the server chat, and that Creeper’s Lab rules are to be followed. PVP is off, and co-op play is the goal. Stealing and griefing are not acceptable.

Be sure to check the Creeperpedia! The Creeper’s Lab Wiki contains details and vital information about the server. You are encouraged to use the resources there. Please also note that there are resource packs that will not automatically download, but that will enhance your gameplay. Information and links are in the wiki.

I look forward to playing this new challenge with you!

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