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4 December 2022 at 22:50
Space ships contest results!
From Doctacosa

Space ships might make no noises in space, but you can definitely hear the comments that onlookers will give on them! Our group of judges went to visit the hangar and assigned scores on each entry of our latest building contest. Here are our top three winners!

1st place: GroovyBanana
2nd place: StTheo
3rd place: AnomalousSparrow

Congratulations to everyone! The full list of entries along with screenshots and judges comments are now available on the contest results page. Feel free to drop by the hangar to see them in person, the location itself is worth a detour too!

Rewards will be handed out winner-to-winner starting by the first position, while participation prizes have already been distributed. For more on this, get in touch with Andrew!

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