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1 December 2022 at 0:12
Event: Christmas vs. Halloween Showdown!
From SorathePumpking

The time has come once again. Santa's having difficulty getting presents out on time, due to some malcontent town denizens, and they are not alone! With the resurrection of an older map, we welcome you to the Christmas vs. Halloween Showdown!

Halloween is attempting to delay Christmas and the Horsemen Guild is assisting in the takeover.

Your role is to assist Santa and the Guilds of Creeper's Lab in getting the presents delivered on time.

There are three different locations to this event:

The Forest

During the day, you will find the 3 different types of malcontent denizens roaming the forest with stolen toys. Defeat these denizens and gather the toys and bring them to Santa's Workshop to get wrapped!

At night, the raiding Horseman will flood the forest with their minions. You can defeat these mobs for the Horseman's core currency (Wychwood Shard, Lich Shard, Demon Shard, Abyssal Shard, Madness Shard).

Santa's Workshop

At any point during your journey, you may have questions as to what to do with the items you have accumulated.

  • Toys collected from the malcontent denizens can be wrapped here. Make sure to bring the toys to get wrapped!
  • Christmas points can be used to redeem a variety of items, such as the rewards from the 2020 Christmas event that Kimonellos ran (the resurrected event)!
  • Corrupted presents from the Horseman's minions can be brought here for additional rewards!

The Village

During the day, the Guilds of Creeper's Lab takes control of defending the village. A Guild Master takes up watch and brings in patrolling guards to keep the Horseman minions at bay. They also provide different effects depending on who's on call!

Bring your wrapped gifts to the houses in the village and place them... under the trees of course! The gift colours should match the already existing gifts that are under the tree. Just press the button and the present will be delivered! For delivering the presents, you will receive Christmas points.

At night, the raiding Horseman sends their elite minions into the village to attack the townsfolk. Help the Guild Master to defend the village and collect the corrupted presents.

Bring these corrupted presents to Santa's Workshop for additional rewards! Or… if you’re feeling a particularly spooky streak, you can bring these presents to the raiding Horseman’s tower and exchange them for Horseman Points!

Another issue has arisen, a stench has come to the village, but the source is unknown. Clear the stench and you may find yourself with a little something extra!

You will have access to your regular inventory, so be sure to bring your best gear to assist in this fight! If you need help to orient yourself, a map is available.


Along with the rewards listed above, you can now get:

  • Up to 32 Black Market Guild Tokens
  • Up to 32 Black Market Horseman Tokens
  • Up to 10 Multidisciplinary Guild Tokens
  • Up to 10 Transverse Tokens
  • 1 Acolyte Token
  • 1 2022 Christmas Shulker

Black Market Tokens? What are these you may ask? Well, they are rumored to allow you to skip ONE monthly task (so for the Guilds of Creeper's Lab that is 1 out of 5 and for the Horseman it is 1 monthly quest)! You can only get 32 Black Market Guild Tokens and 32 Black Market Horseman Tokens.

A 2022 Christmas Shulker? That sounds suspicious! But there are some rather odd materials in there, like powdered snow, snowballs, snow blocks, ice, blue ice, and some extra goodies you'll have to see for yourself!

For all other token rewards, please see our Currency Wiki page for in-depth explanations!

To access this event, Seasonal is taking over Kenorland for this month, so head on over to the Challenge section of the lobby and join the fray! Starting today, December 1st, and ending on December 31st at 11:59pm EST!

Special thanks to Twixxi_ and Rebbica007 for helping in the mechanics of this event and to Kimonellos for allowing us to reuse the event!

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