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21 September 2022 at 22:44
Plants, zombies and stores contest results!
From Doctacosa

Plants vs Zombies, or stores? This is the decision you had to face when it came to building! Several of you benefited from the time extension to get a good set of entries together. Keeping the best score from each player, and excluding entries that weren't signed, here is our final list of contestants!

1st place: Rebbica007
2nd place: Coneva
3rd place: GingeKoda
4rd place: AndrewDowning
5th place: SoraThePumpking
6th place: BioZombieActive

Congratulations to everyone! The full list of entries along with screenshots and judges comments are now available on the contest results page. Go see them in-game if you haven't had the chance yet!

Rewards will be on your way soon. Thanks to AlexTheTrain for running a fun event with an original theme!

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