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12 September 2022 at 18:42
Cimmeria resetting on October 1st
From Doctacosa

We've previously discussed the upcoming reset of Cimmeria. The date for this has been set: October 1st. If you have any supplies or builds in Cimmeria that you want to save, consider this your last warning!

The area that will be saved is now marked as an orange rectangle on the map. In-game, you can see it marked with four corners set in orange and white. This covers the newly expanded spawn town of Aditus and public resources like the tutorial and the tree farm. Everything outside this area will be removed and reset with a new seed, giving new players easily found building grounds while allowing others to gather resources without being too worried about the landscape.

From here on, the world will be reset on a semi-regular basis as needed. This should last at least three months between wipes.

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