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Day 7: Introducing the Creeper's Lab App!

Posted by Doctacosa on 18 November 2021 at 19:18 [Link]

For our last major anniversary update, I'm happy to announce something completely new: the Creeper's Lab Companion, a mobile and desktop app to let you quickly access the essentials!

Companion logo

As its name suggests, once installed (or accessed online), the Companion's goal is to assist you in finding the information you need. That way, you don't need to browse the full website and interrupt your play!

The Companion currently lets you do the following:

  • Useful links
  • View the maps easily
  • Browse through the news
  • Run searches on players, news, wiki, forums
  • View the list of online players
  • Login to your account

You can get it now from Google Play or the Microsoft Store, or directly access the online version!

Get it on Google Play Get it from Microsoft Use It Online

iOS users, I've love to have it directly available on the App Store too, but these types of applications aren't supported by Apple at this time. Instead, do the following:

  1. Open the online version.
  2. Click the Share button.
  3. Select "Add to Home Screen".
  4. That's it! You'll get an icon that lets it open like any other of your apps.

This is just a starting point, and more features are already planned to be added over time. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to offer them!

Come back tomorrow for a recap on the past week of releases!

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And for those who might be curious, it has a use on desktop too!

I have a smaller screen that I primarily use for Discord. I also have the Companion running on the side, which lets me see the list of online players at any time! There's my complete display layout.

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