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Day 3: Major Parkour improvements!

Posted by Doctacosa on 14 November 2021 at 19:07 [Link]

Our parkour mode has been available for some years now, yet it offered only the most basic of features. I'm adding today multiple improvements to make it more fun!

First and foremost, your progress through the various courses is now tracked! Going beyond the simple satisfaction of completing a challenge, the time it took you to complete each one is now recorded, along with your number of deaths. The best score for each course will be displayed as you enter them, giving you an incentive to try and beat the current high scores.

Second, to help you reach the end of the various courses, checkpoints have been added! If you fail at a given point of a course, you will find yourself placed back to the previous checkbox (assuming you hit it!). This will make some challenges like MountainB0y's potentially doable, now! I placed these checkpoints myself, if you've designed one of these courses and would like to see changes to their locations, please get in touch.

If you're interested in creating your own parkour challenges, ask a staff member to access the side door, leading to the building area. Once your challenge is ready, get in touch with Doctacosa to get it properly added.

See you tomorrow for a word from our sponsors about the network!


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