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Brixton Estate Contest Results

Posted by Doctacosa on 15 August 2021 at 18:46 [Link]

The Brixton Estate building contest has wrapped up, and it's time to look at the winners! Without further delay:

1st Place: NicDaKermit
2nd Place: AlexTheTrain
3rd Place: Exodio

Your prizes have been placed outside the front door of all builds. Remember that every participant could earn a little something, so be sure to make the detour to claim your goodies! Tokens can be traded at the vendor next to the Nether portal.

See the contest results page for the full list of entries. Due to the difficulty of taking nice looking screenshots inside smaller builds, only the winning entries have visuals. To better appreciate all entries, go visit the Estate in-game!

The Brixton Estate area is now available once again for general building. Anyone looking to claim another house is welcome to do so, along with previous participants wanting to bring their entry further. Thanks to Twixxi for running another fun event, and congrats to all participants!

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Thanks for hosting the event! I had lots of fun participating :D

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