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Now running 1.17.1!

Posted by Doctacosa on 9 July 2021 at 21:05 [Link]

This is the time that many of you have been waiting for: we're officially running 1.17, Caves & Cliffs: Part I! Java players, set your client to 1.17.1 to continue playing with us. Bedrock players, you're already set to go!

You might be looking for the new materials and blocks introduced in this update. To let you find them easily, a rebooted Tasmantis is now available in the survival wing of the lobby. The previous spawn town has been moved over, but the rest of the world is brand new, with a variety of biomes waiting to be discovered. Explore, gather the materials you want, and bring them elsewhere! This world is temporary - don't make builds you want to keep! It will be removed once interest dies down.

With 1.18 already promising more changes, no changes will be done to the existing worlds for now.

The resource pack downloads have been updated to clear any notification about outdated files. There is no new content available.

Science players, read on for new information from Sora!

As part of our upgrade to 1.17, science has undergone the massive rebalancing we mentioned a few weeks ago! The core armor and weapon sets have been enhanced to match vanilla's new endgame of Netherite, and the science mobs and bosses have been powered up equally.

You have the older version of the newly enhanced items? Check the below post, and bring them to the Science Workshop beneath the Post Office at the Citadel to get them upgraded! It's highly advised to proceed with these updates, as you may not perform as well in this new science environment with the older gear!

1.17 Science Item Update Changelog

Updates to the forum posts and wiki are in process to reflect the new item and NPC changes.

Please note, some items may be limited to 1 upgrade per person.


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