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Updates on our social media channels

Posted by Doctacosa on 13 February 2021 at 23:25 [Link]

Maybe you haven't seen it yet, but our YouTube channel has picked up in activity! Kamachi has been creating new content to breathe some life in our channel, with four video being added so far. Go check out our channel to see the latest additions, with more to come! If you've got suggestions on which builds would be worth a showcase, Kamachi is looking for your input!

Meanwhile, on the Instagram front, I'm now making sure that each of our news post has an update posted on our page at the same time. This can be a good way to know that something changed, and since many of our newer players found their way here from Instagram and Facebook, consider giving that a follow!

Remember that there are plenty of other ways to keep up with our news. There's the main website, obviously; the forums; the news feed; our Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter feeds; and the email newsletter every month. Plus, if an event gets scheduled, it gets added to our Steam group so you automatically get a reminder after you join!


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